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12/11/2009 - jmcquerter wrote:
Very tasty. All the classic black pepper and blueberries that you would expect, with a nice bit of juiciness and body. Sits right between fruity and earthy at a really nice place/
12/11/2009 - jmcquerter wrote:
Very underwhelming. It seemed to never open up, remain tight, but also very light with very little going on. Nothing really sticks out.
12/11/2009 - jmcquerter wrote:
Impressive for the price. Behaved similarly to Kim Crawford, but was a bit lighter on the overwhelming grapefruit and acid so I actually found it more enjoyable to drink. A bit of orange citrus fruits as well.
11/26/2009 - jmcquerter wrote:
Seemed much more like a super high-acid Merlot than it did a Zin. The acid seemed so out of balance with the fruit that it almost presented as high alcohol. Was so aggressive that I set it aside with the cork out to try again the next night and opened something else. The acidity did mellow a bit over the next few days but it never became all that fun. The fruit remained pretty unremarkable. Was my first Zin from RRV so not sure if it's in-line with the AVA or not.
11/14/2009 - jmcquerter wrote:
88 points
Brand new. Black berries and light strawberries, with almost a candied Skittles sweetness on the nose. Very ripe fruit of medium color, but still light and fresh. Leather and plums on the palate, with a surprising kiwi-strawberry thing. Think Kern's. Peach skin transitions the fruit into the bit of light, dusty earth. Holds its 14.5% very well.
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