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12/14/2013 - buzzeroo wrote:
i have this habit of pulling a cork and immediately smelling it to see what's up. Does anybody else do that? Anyway cork was good to go so high hopes this will be tasty. Took a quick swirl in the glass and i like what i'm smelling. Strawberry and cherry On the palate... it's tart but in a good way. Thanksgiving Cranberry. or maybe cherry pie. Didn't drink much so will check in again tomorrow.
8/26/2013 - buzzeroo Likes this wine:
90 points
First experience with RM cabernet. Opened up and poured a little in the glass to see if this needed a decant. Answer? No. Ready to go (almost too ready?). I was a bit surprised thinking this would need some taming with air but not the case. Enjoyed over four hours. Have three more but honestly dont think these need anymore time in the cellar. Tannins were smooth. A very easy drinking enjoyable glass of wine.
3/26/2012 - buzzeroo wrote:
First experience with RM chardonnay and really enjoyed. Pop and pour at Bouchon in BH. Immediately enjoyable upon opening. A nice bit of minerality, pear, and orange. Rich mouthfeel without being over the top. No overpowering oak.
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