• aquacongas wrote: 96 points

    July 14, 2020 - blind
    not my cup of tea anymore but really impressive and well drinkable. Dried fruts but the fresh elements are dominat. Great acidity. Will survive me for sure. 96+

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  • NoTrollingerPlease Likes this wine: 96 points

    June 7, 2020 - A relaxed afternoon with two crazy guys (@Private location, Solingen): Glass: Zalto Universal
    Popped and poured from half bottle. How do you approach the highest rated wine in CellarTracker? Glowing medium amber color. Warm, balanced, fine and deep nose with some volatile acidity. We should have decanted the bottle.
    You need to drink Yquem with a certain temperature. If you drink it to cold as we initially did, it is “just” a good Sauternes. If gets the right temperature (around 12 degree Celsius) it starts to open up and develops an unbelievable depth, pressure and length. So fine, elegant, multi-layered and complex. The length is almost NEVER.ENDING. Absolutely fantastic, but IMHO not yet at its full peak. 96-97++

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  • jdtonic Likes this wine: 97 points

    June 3, 2020 - from .375

    bright gold into deep gold
    early nose of botrytis, leaded gasoline and lemon oil

    She darkens noticeably with some swirling and the petrol blows off into beeswax, botrytis infused pineapple, apricot jam, honey, yellow rose and marzipan.

    Early palate of mulling-spiced cider, grilled pineapple, botrytis, lemon oil, apricot, white pepper and, indeed, both the flavor and heat sensation of jalapeño jelly! Very, very tasty, and longer than either of us have patience to explore..

    "Settling into" a nose of grilled pineapple, honey-roasted almonds, marzipan and fresh golden apple.
    I think i put my glass down 2 minutes ago, and she isn't finished as a cornucopia (in the main listed above but with other nuts/spices) of fruits including cinnamon, mango ,,, ends in my mouth at 3.5 minutes with the smell of new Pirelli tires crushing wasp-apples...

    (end day 1)

    ..ok, the half sip left in glass (no longer) was a very distinct blend of lemongrass and vanilla bean.


    June 4, 2020.
    Day 2 starts with amber-tinged gold, like mildly occluded yellow diamonds.

    Nose of Pledge (lemon oil, verbena, furniture polish, propellant) In Toto, canned peaches, and ... wait for it... BOTRYTIS! Actually this is somewhat unusual in my experience. Someone earlier commented that they sensed "finest botrytis." I am forced to echo.

    After a swirl, she's just the peaches (in sweet syrup) and the polish on the nose. Ahhh, polish gives way to pineapple and that apricot tart.

    Silky mouthfeel odd in a beverage with the consistency of 5W-30, very nice acidity here--and all honey, peach syrup and noble rot on the tongue. A little weaker, relative to her nose, are her gulp flavors, this evening. More yellow rose and
    honeysuckle on the nose with air..

    The flavors work up, but a bland note -- like the flavor of the actual rose petal if chewed, seems to "clip" her finish. (clipped at a minute -ish)

    My gosh, hard to not swig this down. Her sediment is actually sugar! A little whiff of brine on the palate this sediment. [Indeed it is nearly pure sugar.]

    The last smell into the split is very yellow and woodsy, and boasts the most lifted aromas of canned peaches, lemongrass, and ---- vanilla inflected-----* ---BOTRYTIS.***


    (got peach crême brulée clearing my glass.)

  • gouldcampbell77 Likes this wine: 95 points

    May 29, 2020 - Dark orange gold - the colour of slightly tarnished new copper. On the nose, lots of botrytis, barley sugar, honeycomb and a hint of somthing spirity. Paraffin? So far so good and after a sip, I'm lost for words. I don't know English well enough to describe the mouthfilling unctuousness of this wine that seems to coat every corner of the palate leaving a numbing, tingling sensation. Impossibly sweet and full, but finishing clean and dry. How do they do that?

    This is my first d'Yquem and ok, I get it. It's like the refined essence of Sauternes. Take any sweet wine you've ever drunk and ratchet everything up by a factor of ten and you will arrive here. I don't know enough about Sauternes to say whether this is ready or not but as Jeff Leve says, "who cares?" It's delicious now. Will it get better? I have no idea. My one concern is that it may be a little too sweet and unctious for me. It just seems to lack the balancing acidity and definition I look for in a sweet wine.

    Day 2. Having finished the 2nd half of a half bottle, I don't think this wine is for me. Yes it's absolutely amazing etc etc but I can't help feeling that it's just too concentrated and too sweet for me - like drinking liquid honey. I'm glad I have tasted it and I'll tick it off my '100 wines to try before you die' list but to be honest I'd rather be drinking a top Tokaji at a third of the price. Sorry.

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  • Cailles wrote: 97 points

    May 26, 2020 - With a bit of air this Yquem shows unbelievably complex with no cloying sweetness but a lot of freshness and spiciness. A dream to drink today and certainly with a long, long bright future ahead. Clearly one of the best sweet wines I’ve ever had and for me a reminder that I shouldn’t neglect this category that much and only pop a bottle at the end of long dinners when the taste buds are tired and everybody is full. 97-98 points with more upside in the future.

    TN: At first some unwanted chemical smells which quickly blew off. Super complexity with a very broad aroma spectrum of the finest boytritis, saffron, apricot, quince, lots of citric fruits, peach, apple, nutty notes and a great spiciness. Every sip revealed a new nuance here. There is sweetness but well kept in balance thanks to perfect acidity, citrus freshness and the spiciness. Very good concentration and length.

    Decanting: A short 30 minutes decant should do the job.

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  • sirpat007 Likes this wine: 98 points

    May 8, 2020 - Tasted blind - and immediately blown away. The saffron really gave away the Yquem! But there was also nutty, lemon grass, lots of spices, candid spices, honey, bee wax, and initially some chemical notes boosting the complexity. Another testament to Yquem's next to none standing in the sweet wine universe - even before taking a sip! On the palate an incredible combination of honey sweetness and fresh acidity. This is absolutely fabulous, but - yes there is a "but" - the crisp acidity and more detailed profile of the 2015 has been imprinted for eternity in my brain and against that otherworldly benchmark this wasn't a 100% match.

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  • Jeff Leve wrote: 100 points

    April 27, 2020 - OK, this is too young. But it is so incredibly good, who cares? The array of roasted nuts with cashews and almonds leading the pack were perfect with the roasted, overripe, sweet, honey-coated pineapple. vanilla, marzipan and apricots. Rich, sweet, intense and unctuous, but due to the bolt of racy acidity, the wine was never cloying or tiring to drink. Two of us managed to polish off a split on a hot afternoon. The only issue was, it was too bad we didn't have a full-bottle, so we could have enjoyed some the next day.

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  • I'd Rather Be Drinking Wine Likes this wine: 96 points

    March 13, 2020 - PnP - This wine wasn't quite up to par with the 2009 Yquem. It certainly seems to have the stuffing to surpass the 2009, but not quite there. As this is the only '01 Yquem I have tasted, I will chalk it up to bottle variation. Still a damn good bottle of wine, and one of the finest Sauternes I have tasted. Better than the "01 Reiussec and '01 Suduiraut, which are both excellent Sauternes, and on par with the excellent '01 Climens. The nose was excellent, with a slight whiff of petrol that blew off quickly, then honeysuckle, stone fruit, including peaches and apricots, dominated the nose, On the palate, complex mixtures of stone fruits, mango, poached pears and allspice, with a super-long finish! Definitely a great Sauternes, but this bottle was not quite up to par with the superb 2009! 96+ today

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  • Jeremy Holmes wrote:

    March 10, 2020 - Fabulous nose of honey, apricot, cinnamon and vanilla. It is complex, rich, layered and oh so fresh. Everything is perfect and it has length to burn. A great, great Yquem that is still just a pup.

  • LB88 wrote: 95 points

    March 8, 2020 - Still early in the drinking cycle! Could get a whole lot better with age.