• jondrinkswine Likes this wine: 93 points

    May 25, 2021 - Pale copper in color. Fully developed wine with dried roses, dried violets, saline, forest floor, mushroom, umami, black pepper, cigar box, earth and a touch of savory meat on the nose. Fruit intensity is on the downhill slope, but even at 38 years there’s a lively tartness to the dried fruit resulting in a sweet+sour sensation. Tart acidity with medium+ intensity. There’s a really interesting balance to this wine, and I’m not just talking about “components” that make up the wine. It is both elegant and masculine, understated and brooding, mature and youthful. I do wish there was a bit more fruit intensity, but what do you expect at this stage of development?

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  • NoTrollingerPlease Likes this wine: 93 points

    April 4, 2021 - Popped and poured, drank over two days. Only saw at the cork branding that this was another 1983 vintage. Perfect fill level and cork.
    Glass: Zalto Burgundy
    Clear, deep, glowing garnet color. Clean, medium+ intense, fully developed nose with fine, sweet fruit, fine oak, tobacco, leather, charcoal, menthol. Complex, deep and a bit dirty.
    Bone dry, wonderful racy acidity, very well integrated. Fine, silky tannin. Medium body. On the palate lovely sweet, red fruit, smoke, tobacco, spices. Nothing green and harsh like my last bottle. Wonderful balance, density, and grip. Silky, velvet texture. Very juicy and with a lovely tension. Very long, lingering sweet and spicy fruit. Way better than my first bottle, even though they came out of the same cellar. What a lovely surprise! 93

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  • paul195 wrote: 92 points

    February 6, 2021 - 12 of 12. Decanted at 3:00, sour and petrol notes initially had me concerned but this blew off after 30 minutes. Severed blind. Mature color, nose now tart red fruits, smoked meat and some spice. Mid weight, good balance, texture and weight. This still had years left in it. Two in the group correctly identified it having had the 85 at another dinner the prior week.

  • seijaro wrote: 85 points

    February 5, 2021 - This bottle was gone... not spoiled, just very little flavor left. Quite brown and lots of sediment on decanting, then fair for 30 minutes. After that it just kinda faded. Pretty funny that my neck tag said "Drink after 1998" :)

  • isaacjamesbaker wrote: 94 points

    January 1, 2021 - Drank from a 375. Whoa, this showed way better than I expected. Spicy nose with beef jerky, pepper and green olive brine over top of cranberry and spiced red apple. On the palate, fully integrated tannins and just a bit of VA, but it's a really focused and alive wine, still. The fruit has waned but still this tart cranberry feel, laced with rhubarb, pepper, rose petals, beef jerky, green olives - delicious complex flavors, loved this wine with some roasted pork shoulder.

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  • jordanj wrote: 88 points

    March 14, 2020 - Pulled for a wine dinner that didn’t happen. So this was moved to the front of the line of “things to drink soon”. Corked completely crumbled. Medium ruby core and much lightening from the core to the edge. Fully mature and on its way down, and still acidic. Except for a mildly interesting mature nose this wine is really not all that appealing with its harsh mouthfeel and tart finish. Overpowering the hint of Smokey red fruit and black pepper.

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  • dlduchon Likes this wine: 96 points

    December 27, 2019 - I loved this Beaucastel. Drinking like and aged CDP but in no way over the hill. So many flavors and aromatics, just beautiful to contemplate.

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  • hprphf wrote: 93 points

    November 21, 2019 - Acker 2019/11 (Valcluse): Nice sweetness and palate fully resolved with clarity. 93

  • lolo66 wrote:

    November 13, 2019 - CDP with Age (Nice Matin): I felt there was something a little off in this wine as the smell of wet cardboard persisted. Underneath, was a feminine profile of strawberries and earth. Too bad. Older bottles of Beaucastel can be a true pleasure when showing well.

  • noofie2 wrote: 95 points

    September 22, 2019 - The cork was sound and stained only half way. Fill level in neck. A delightful wine. Somewhat lighter color than I expected (medium pale red with slight brinking) but very flavorful. It tasted younger than it looked. Some people noticed a smokiness. Great nose. Typical Chateauneuf du Pape flavors.

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