• Cote d'Or wrote:

    August 21, 2019 - Tasted over 1.5 hrs
    -nearly semi-translucent bright red mild clearing at edge
    -restrained red fruit stone
    -med+ acidity, med- weight tart red fruit stony a bit medicinal, med/med- bitter tannins
    -still a bit wild, needs a few more years

  • Cote d'Or wrote:

    February 4, 2019 - PopnPour, tasted over 2 hrs and day 2
    -nearly semi-translucent dark red, minimal bricking
    -faintly fragrant candied red fruit trace spice and oak
    -med+/high acidity lends a sharp edge, med- weight, evolving crunchy red fruit tangy raspberry with a light lingering oak signature, mildly dried out med tannins; softer and darker fruited on day 2
    -in a bit of an awkward wild-child phase now

  • khmark7 wrote: 89 points

    June 2, 2018 - This was leaning towards the riper side of the spectrum, big aromatics with a more classic & typical Burg finish. More spice and darker fruits than i would have expected. Would have guessed California Sonoma Valley. Paired well with roast duck.

  • kdubler wrote:

    November 14, 2017 - Bourgogne Master Class Northern Cote de Beaune Tasting: Ruby in color. On the nose cherry, with just a hint of sweetness, fresh strawberry and almost a tobacco note? On the palate this shows a good mineral edge to it, taste like Limestone! More diverse fruit profile as well, tart cranberry, even a hint of blackberry. Not a lot of organic earth, more mineral driven. Elevated acidity with medium tannins, finish lasts a good 45+ seconds as well. This has a long life ahead of it, drinking nicely now, but would hold others 5+ years if possible.

  • MattGeneve Likes this wine: 90 points

    February 11, 2017 - Noble Rot. Lovely open, red and darker fruited and floral nose. A tiny bit of licorice and leather giving it complexity but light. Very energetic on the palate. Good fruit, well balanced and tingly. Relatively light in body but drinking very nicely now. Does continue to improve and open up with air.

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  • Nick4378 Likes this wine: 92 points

    January 21, 2017 - Old school burg showing good pure fruit. Raspberries, tart cherry. Initially up to the two hour mark I sensed some oak on the finish. After 3 hours it mellowed out to a gentle spice with hints of leather. No harm to drink now with a long 5hr or so decant. I think patience will reward here

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  • cheZ joZef Likes this wine: 92 points

    September 18, 2016 - This is really hard to keep my hands off of and drinking really well young as long as you leave it in the decanter for 2 plus hours. Immediately upon opening there is an obvious tart cherry and raspberry medium bodied fruit which settles down and finds some balance with time and air. Nice earthiness spice leather and floral notes on the nose and the pallet. This should be greatness if I can leave it alone till after 2022.

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  • cheZ joZef Likes this wine: 91 points

    April 6, 2016 - Wine has opened up a bit since I last tasted it in 2014. Wine is immediately accessible after opening with a nice nose of earth and fruit, but improves with one to three hours of air showing medium body and acidity. On the pallet I'm getting sappy medium ripe red fruit with primarily cherry and raspberry surrounded by minerals and earth, some spice ? Clove, and a hint of eucalyptus or cedar wood. Delicious now and could be greatness in 2020's.

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  • Cj802 Likes this wine:

    March 31, 2016 - This is one of the few serious red Burgs to me that gives pleasure basically as soon as it is released. What more could you want, a wine that is awesome now and will certainly be better with age. Super ethereal, light on its feet, intense pinot here as always. The benchmark for me.

    Has put on some serious weight since last tasted roughly a year ago. Even more tempting for early drinking now.

  • vindictive wrote:

    February 16, 2016 - Classic old style burg. Light bodied at the outset, but builds in volume and complexity with air. Lovely now, best with proper food and very pure.