• PIntag wrote: 92 points

    July 4, 2019 - Drank with grilled burgers, flap meat steak, and grilled veggies for the 4th celebration. I found this to be drinking wonderfully - rich and deep with silky texture. New world Syrah flavors with dark berry and plum with a little briny olive character. Consistent with the generous aromas on the nose. Not super complex and perhaps a touch more oak influence than I prefer, but I (and the group) really enjoyed this.

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  • Millennial Drinkers wrote: 92 points

    February 23, 2019 - Deep ruby red in appearance. Layered nose with black olives, crushed rocks, purple flowers, black fruits and white pepper. Medium tannins (6/10) and medium to medium plus bodied. Blackberries on the attack of the palate with herbs and spices. Followed up black pepper, violets, minerality and olives. Long finish. Drink till 2023.

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  • ravbik wrote: 96 points

    October 30, 2018 - Very surprised how great this is.
    Full bodied, ripe blackberries, plum, vanilla, medium toast, cassis, graphite. Medium tannins
    Need to get some more

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  • RPerro Likes this wine: 91 points

    July 23, 2018 - Nice blackberry fruit with touches of cracked pepper and tobacco. Finish is all mocha. Still has plenty of life left...drink now - 2027.

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  • Anonymous Likes this wine: 93 points

    March 24, 2018 - Carlisle never disappoints. This weighty Syrah brought forth its wonderful dark fruit and lush undertones of a slightly drier nature. Spice was nice but not overt. Long finish making for a wonderful experience.

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  • WineCPA wrote: 90 points

    February 19, 2018 - Very nice but did not blow me away. Smooth with plum and blueberry. Great with lamb, but what Syrah isn't? Drink now.

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  • mtolerico Likes this wine: 90 points

    February 19, 2018 - Not as good as some previous bottles, red cherry, rhubarb, olive, roasted meats, very floral with mostly violets and roses, a little orange peel with the rind, seems a little hollow in the mid-palate. I actually don’t feel this bottle is worth the money but it’s not a bad wine, in fact it is good, just not good enough.

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  • csimm1161 wrote: 87 points

    December 2, 2017 - Same as two months ago. I had to go back to drinking a KB Pinot Noir (which was barely memorable as it was) just to get some flavor going back on my palate. Not too encouraging when a forgettable Pinot Noir trumps a domestic Syrah in the flavor department.

    ...I bumped this up from 85 to 87 points just because my other half said it was, "ok, I guess."

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  • ogres3 Likes this wine: 92 points

    November 25, 2017 - Very pleasant full bodied syrah. Really benefits from a decent amount of air. Inky opaque. Lots of purple and dark fruit. Big finish.

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  • csimm1161 wrote: 85 points

    October 15, 2017 - Linear and flat across the palate from start to finish. Some purple berry fruit and fleeting hits of black olive (like the kind on a Roundtable pizza). Lackluster indeed (and not "off" in terms of being technically flawed in any way that I could tell). Fairly one-note, even after an hour+ of air.

    This is unfortunately a product of a style transition from the late 90's to present, where what would be the core, ripe fruit seems to be pulling back so much in the name of balance that it has been robbed of some of its flavor and concentration potential. More than a bit of a bummer really, as Carlisle used to be my go-to for PS and Syrah for the last 15 years. Maybe I just need to rethink what Carlisle brings to the consumer now: a more basic table wine that isn't designed for geeking-out on or displaying flavors that might offset the medium and easy going balance it is apparently trying to achieve.

    85-ish? points. I suppose leaving this alone for 2-3 years might allow it to put on some weight, but who knows what the fruit will be up to then. I was hoping that after having this a year ago, some time would broaden its spectrum. Not so. In fact, the opposite effect has occurred. Either it's in a dumb phase, or I'm in a dumb phase. Regardless, this wine and I didn't jive.

    ...It's always hard to break up with a wine when you have more bottles still sitting in the cellar.

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