• James Kim Likes this wine: 88 points

    June 8, 2019 - Wine Tasting Group - Winemaker Decisions - June 8, 2019 (Julie's home): Aromas of mellow figs and raisins. Palate follows with mellow figs and a mild earthiness. Smooth mouthfeel. A nice drink after dinner.

  • tziemer Likes this wine: 93 points

    June 3, 2019 - One of the best 10 years old Port In the market!

  • kevin h wrote: 89 points

    May 11, 2019 - Red with a bit of amber colour. Nose, slight, subtle red fruit, a bit of oak not much more. Taste, better, full and rounded, gentle oak, but fruit dominated. Tawny style, simple rather than complex. Ok.

  • fredfta wrote: 90 points

    March 1, 2019 - Wip

  • gharter Likes this wine: 89 points

    January 24, 2019 - Typical Graham 10 Tawny. Not that its a bad thing. Fig, honey, caramel, nuts on the nose and palate. A light caramel color.

  • k.lonis wrote: 88 points

    October 14, 2018 - 13th Cellier Wine Fair (Hilton Athenaum Hotel): The nose is developed, much more on the nutty side, alcohol and nail polish stand much taller with a bit of oak in the back.
    In the palate, the wine is easier, candied white fruit, dried peach, spicy with bits of chocolate, smooth, med body and finish.

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  • Rick & Ilsa wrote: 89 points

    October 14, 2018 - By the glass at restaurant with dessert. Typical Grahams sweetness with nose and palate of dried fruits, figs, nuts, caramel, toffee, and fruitcake spices with a touch of heat. Always pretty solid, this is an obvious step down from the 20, with the biggest difference being that this is perhaps just a bit too cloying.

  • alexisonsmith Likes this wine: 90 points

    September 13, 2018 - 10-year-old tawny with a balance of figs and honey, caramel finish. Nice length

  • df1962 wrote: 90 points

    September 1, 2018 - PnP

    Nice spot between fruit and walnut skin notes. Lovely with very dark chocolate and nuts.

  • chbeaumont wrote: 88 points

    August 20, 2018 - Consistent to previous note (same batch).