• tmagsmaken Likes this wine: 91 points

    April 27, 2019 - Decanted for 1 hour.
    Lovely nose with blackberry and leather, delicate but not overly complex.
    Very enjoyable on the palate, elegant rather than powerful. Fresh acidity, nicely balanced. Tannins well developed. Good length (balanced).
    This is not the most bombastic expression of Pauillac or GPL but a very precise and elegant one. I really enjoyed it.

  • Nels+ Likes this wine: 92 points

    April 6, 2019 - Still has some yours to go bur already open and well balanced

  • djhammond Likes this wine: 90 points

    March 1, 2019 - This has hit full maturity and should stay here for the next 5 years plus. The vintage really belonged to the right bank, but this is perfectly pleasant with mature aromas of blackcurrant and leather. The tannin has sweetened and the palate has good balance and reasonable depth, but I do find it a little one dimensional, and not over complex. Likewise the finish is reasonable, but on the short side and light.

  • Eudemis Likes this wine:

    February 20, 2019 - 13% alcohol. Good long dense cork with minimal wine penetration. Fairly dark colour with the onset of bricking and some thinning at the edge of the rim. Decanted an hour ahead.
    Very good nose, with more red than dark berries and some tobacco (fleetingly). The oak is fully integrated.
    The mouth is just as good, with uplifting acidity in the finish; no opulence here, but harmony aplenty. The tannins are fully resolved, but the wine has good grip nevertheless. No rush to drink.
    Not the most demonstrative of Pauillacs, but a very good one nevertheless. A success in the lean and understated mode.

  • LW31 Likes this wine:

    January 4, 2019 - Delicious. Rarely drink Bordeaux under 20-25 years age but this proves I should. Needed hour to open (but not decanted) but once there this was an elegant middle weight with blackberry fruits, freshness with spine of acidity, and a bit of complexity on finish. Altogether very drinkable and inviting without being obvious.

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  • Shoebox Likes this wine: 93 points

    September 9, 2018 - Garnet colour. Sweet red fruit. Not as austere as pauilliac usually is. Smooth and rounded on palate. Beautiful complexity. Tannins all beautifully integrated. Very easy to drink and moorish.

  • OenophilistMN Likes this wine: 91 points

    August 16, 2018 - One hour decant. Same as my note of January 25, 2018. Delicious!

  • Mrp2008 wrote: 93 points

    July 27, 2018 - Really in a good spot, drink now or over the next 10 years.

  • Saint Stephen wrote: 93 points

    April 14, 2018 - Really nice bottle. Soft, resolved, medium bodied. Shows more on the palate than on the nose. Smooth as a David Gilmour double bend. You know, the kind where he bends the minor third up to the major fourth and then the major fifth over a descending minor key chord progression? And you're thinking oh David Gilmour that's such a tasty lick how did you get so very tasty? That's this wine on this night.

  • ProfByron Likes this wine: 92 points

    February 18, 2018 - Wow, this bottle is amazing. Such a concentrated core of fruit sweetness. Clearly some bottles will last decades while others should be consumed now.