• AllRed wrote: 91 points

    September 12, 2019 - Chocolate, black zin fruit and blueberry notes. Mixed red and black fruit on the palate with hints of peppery spice and bramble on the finish.

  • MikeLovesRed Likes this wine: 86 points

    March 19, 2019 - Wine took around an hour to decant an open fully. Light fruity notes and a round mouth feel. A pleasant wine alone or with mildly flavored foods.

    Wonderful and bright bouquet, and a dark ruby color made this a fun wine to share with friends.

    Drink soon. It’s over the hill now and is ready to be enjoyed.

  • JM_IS Likes this wine: 90 points

    February 26, 2019 - Drink now—2019. Low tannin, low sugar with some nice flavor that wasn’t there 2 years back. Neither dry nor sweet. I think the P.Sirah is showing a bit. Generic, non-berry fruit coming through taste, with sugar on nose. Maybe licorice or anise? Raw mild tobacco? No mineral or earth, but some mature plants.

  • thelostverse wrote: 90 points

    February 24, 2019 - General impression only. I thought this was drinking well and paired nicely with a grilled rib-eye.

  • bjschmitt wrote: 86 points

    January 6, 2019 - Served with pork tenderloin and orzo stuffing, with salad.
    Look: medium garnet (perhaps fading a bit over the last 16 months).
    Smell: mild raspberry, perhaps plum, somewhat muted.
    Taste: acid remains, fruit flavor is dim and mixed, with somewhat acerbic finish. After 2 hours things calmed down a bit.
    It seems this bottle at least has faded over the bottle we tasted 16 months ago.

  • rsmithjr222@hotmail.com wrote: 85 points

    November 17, 2018 - This wine was dark and no garnet on the rim. The nose was muted as was the palate. Herbal nose with varnish notes. Medium light not the briary notes i was looking for. In retrospect, Ridge zins have this big history but i found this wanting more.

  • CJM wrote: 87 points

    February 15, 2018 - Clear garnet with rim browning. Rubber, red cherry, vanilla. Low acids, medium tannins. Cinnamon. Short balanced finish.

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  • jeffal66 Likes this wine: 89 points

    January 29, 2018 - Biggish black/blue fruit with curiously green features...meaning someone slipped a veggie into the pie (or jam). So that's interesting. Blood, cocoa, cherry notes, too. Kind of a curiosity, which isn't meant as a knock, just an observation. Avoids the massive, obvious Zin trap, and for that I can tip the hat.

  • EMichels wrote: 88 points

    January 8, 2018 - (Old note - tasting date not accurate) Great nose; Fresh; Strong berry; A bit of dust on finish

  • bjschmitt Likes this wine: 88 points

    August 12, 2017 - Served with Spaghetti with fresh tomato/garlic sauce.
    Reasonably dark crimson, good consistency to rim.
    Blackberry/raspberry nose.
    Palate was dark fruit consistent with nose, nice acid, indistinct tannin.
    Decent finish.
    Went well with dinner. Drink now - probably best with food. Give it some time to open up.