• slaughterer Likes this wine: 92 points

    November 14, 2021 - A little brittle and spindly, but definitely in its window. With thyme on the nose, and a lithe palate of strawberry, cherry, plums, raspberry, vanilla and chocolate. Fairly long licorice ending.

  • mrgarreth Likes this wine: 93 points

    August 4, 2021 - The nose jumps out of the glass with raspberry, cherry, plum, some blackcurrant, vanilla, cedar, dark chocolate, pencil lead, liquorice, old leather, and some herb (is it thyme?). Ripe, taught tannins and a long finish. There is some good concentration and it will be interesting to see how this develops.

  • CellarBord Likes this wine: 92 points

    June 30, 2021 - At our Commanderie dinner of Second Wines(1995 & 2005 Pavillon Rouge, 2005 Bahans Haut Brion, 2009 Croix de Beaucaillou and 2009 Reserve de la Comtesse).

    Early drinking part of the drinking range. Lots of potential and depth. Should be better in 4-5 years. Drink 2025-33.

  • curtr Likes this wine: 92 points

    June 30, 2021 - Early drinking part of the drinking range. Lots of potential and depth. Should be better in 4-5 years. Drink 2025-33.

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  • Skibank114 Likes this wine: 95 points

    June 30, 2021 - Just outstanding! This bottle has been in the cellar for several years waiting for my retirement. Very nice from the nose with subtle fruit, pencil shavings, and bit of cedar through the full finish. Completely integrated. Garnet color and a silky texture to the experience. Drinking well now for sure, will probably integrate the tannins a bit more, but not sure it will improve much above where it sits today. I should have bought a couple bottles when I had the chance at a lower price point. Even at current price point - this is worth the price. Enjoy!

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  • the player Likes this wine:

    April 9, 2021 - Did not decant properly so will not rate. Only comment from drinking a few 2005s lately is that the vintage seems to have closed recently so I will revisit in a couple of year my 2005 bottles.

  • tmagsmaken wrote: 93 points

    March 13, 2021 - Top Bordeaux 2nd Wines with Jane Anson (Virtual 67 Pall Mall - replay): Expressive nose with cassis, pencil shavings, cedar and tobacco notes that expand over time. Silky but restraint, tannins almost integrated. Nice juicy finish. Ready but can be kept for a decade. Expensive but good

  • Orange Tsian wrote: 92 points

    February 7, 2021 - Wine for Birthday!
    迷人且柔顺的香气,微咸,把黑樱桃放进嘴里慢慢咬碎,黑李子还有黑莓,一点黑莓干,果味有线条感。个中穿插紫罗兰花瓣、些许烟熏肉干、后段有山楂粉,丁香和百草丹,淡淡的高级奶油。入口酒体中,酸度较高而柔和,丹宁不强,比较细腻,像檀香粉触摸口腔的粉质。整体比较集中收束有线条感,黑果优雅,带点青果和烟肉干,中后段开始有花香,微甜和咸,收尾处代一点杏脯、百草丹,余韵较长。 半小时后果味浓度深度提升,出现金属感和清凉感。入口横向扩展感更明显,但还保持柔和。 一个小时后,出现焦糖摩卡,烟草碎的香气,凝聚感更好。入口有棱角感,结实感好些。果干味和甜度上升,有轻微皮革。 两个小时后,果香稍微收敛,皮革、香料粉、雪松等香会比较重。口中酸度显得更高,紫罗兰花香开始突出,咸感增强。 92/100

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  • enovino Likes this wine: 97 points

    February 7, 2021 - Drank one bottle in 2 sittings, 6 months apart in 2020.

    Why you may ask?

    Because upon first tap with Coravin it was very restrained, seeming like it was nowhere ready to drink, differing from the glowing reports from our CT peers. So I let it rest some more and came back to it 6 months later, with a quick tap and boy did it EVOLVE! First sip was like the Hallelujah chorus! Majestic, radiant and joyful.

    Beautiful opaque rich red garnet color with waves of sweet cassis fruit on the nose. Palate had perfect weight mid to full bodied with plush rich cabernet driven flavours that matches the nose precisely, delivering great satisfaction with every elegant juicy sip. Tannins are still present but playing a supporting role. Had no problem pulling the still supple cork.

    Uh-mazing with pan seared Prime aged NY Strip Steak.

    Thrilled to have 2 more bottles. Outstanding!

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  • CJet Likes this wine: 96 points

    December 12, 2020 - Really enjoyed this one. Decanted 3 hours. Beautiful nose with notes of cedar and spice. Medium bodied, well balanced, and a substantial finish. Drinking really well right now.