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    October 5, 2021 - Needed a great bottle to celebrate and this was calling my name! I re-read my review from May, and I had a similar experience except for a few notes. This is a full-bodied balanced wine with signature notes from St. Helena and Las Piedras. One of my 5 favorite vineyards in Napa (the others being Dr. Crane, Trespass, Henry Brothers Ranch, and Frediani), it is very strong on the front-end, mid-palate and finish.

    Decanted 1/3 of the bottle at 2pm and by 6 it was ready to go. I will have the remaining wine tonight.

    This is just a great wine and if you are lucky enough to have it, try a bottle with a 2-3 hour decant.

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    July 30, 2021 - Saw LPB finally rated the VV lineup and I was pretty surprised at the relatively low 95 given to the LPV. Given my exceptional experience recently with the 2019's, figured I would pop a bottle to give it my own evaluation. Important to note I doubled decanted, left at cellar temp for 3-4 hours and then warmed up to room temp before drinking. I think that really makes a difference with these wines.

    Begins with expressive and powerful aromas of blackcurrant, baking spices, white flowers, crushed rock and hints of forest floor. Reflects the cooler vintage with extraordinary freshness and precision, showing great balance with mostly black fruit, bitter chocolate with lots of mineral driven and savory character. Super refined tannins are still very present, giving the impression it can age quite nicely for years to come. Builds powerfully in the mid palate with layers that are just emerging, and finishes for over 1 min. Really impressive and way better than 95. Perhaps I am low at 98. Definitely upside.

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    May 30, 2021 - I decided to re-visit Vice Versa's LPV and boy am I glad that I did! I started with a Coravin pour because I had another bottle that was already open and didn't want to waste this. Well, that didn't last long as my pour was so good, I went all in!

    Nice strong smell. Deep purple and blue coloring and translucent. This was very consistent from the smell and look to the taste and long finish. Blueberry and black raspberry, earth, slight mocha mid-palate and the great mineral and stone streak throughout. This is a big wine; however it doesn't seem that big as the Vice Versa team knows how to rein in the tannins. Tannins, acid are really incredible. This is an excellent wine and a great representation from The Las Piedras Vineyard. Year in and year out, this is one of my favorite bottles. Sorry to the Dr. Crane lovers!

    Having a wine that is full-bodied and translucent is hard to do and it is right up my alley. My 1st experience with that was when I had Abreu's Madrona Ranch 2012, which I rated 100. I will post more after I finish the bottle tonight, which I am expecting to be even better.

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    May 12, 2021 - Napa 2021 Trip; 5/10/2021-5/13/2021 (Napa Valley, CA): Glad I was able to taste this, since for some reason, I never ordered a bottle of this from last year's offering. Ordered a bottle to tack on to my fall shipment.

    All the trademark characteristics of LPV - wet stone, minerality, blueberry/dark blue fruits. Will definitely be matching this up to Carter Verdad, Quivet, etc. versions of the same vineyard/vintage down the road.

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    May 1, 2021 - Napa - Lokoya - Vice Versa - Memento Mori: I am glad I didn’t have to open any of my bottles sitting in the cellar to try this. This wine was also showing very well today and maybe edged the MM LPV by a tad today. I think I liked the nose of the MM over the VV but the palate and finish was better with the VV. Earth tones, dark cherries and blueberries. Blackberries…fruit fruit fruit! There was a savory aspect to this that felt like it would go very well with food. Having some of the cheeses with this confirmed what I thought. This was actually #3 behind the Steltzner but with time in the glass it finished out #2.

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    April 3, 2021 - Dream Trip - Napa On A Mission - All My favorites Plus A Few New Ones; 4/1/2021-4/4/2021 (Napa Valley): Now we are getting somewhere. This is a very nice wine however it needs more time in the cellar before opening or make sure this has enough time to open up fully but not too much time or you will miss the window. Perfect advice right? Super helpful? ok maybe not but my takeaway here is to be careful with a super long decant as to not blow by the window - this wine needs time but also know it is not a majorly fruit forward wine, which is fine as LPV handles both presentations/styles exceptionally well. One typically has more lift and minerality to it as the other style tends to showcases more fruit & mineral with the acidity in the background at least IMO. No rating as I was unable to drink the wine in the proper window (my fault not the wine).

    Do yourself a favor and signup for their list, the '19s have elevated this winery to another level.

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    February 27, 2021 - 2018 LPV Blind Tasting: VV, Carter, Fait Main, Quivet and B Cellars (Lang's): 2018 LPV blind tasting. Wines: Vice Versa, Carter La Verdad, Quivet, Fait Main and B Cellars. Six total tasters. All wines decanted 3+ hours.

    The VV tied for first with Verdad. It was a little closed to start but started putting on weight as it was exposed to more and more air. I'd say this is the most classically made and well balanced wine of the group. The acidity was a bit crisper and the focus a bit better. While they all begged for more time in the bottle, this one seems the clear longer term ager of the group. Overall, while not as ripe or powerful as the Verdad, it was my favorite by a hair.

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    January 15, 2021 - Nose: [58°] Red fruits with a soft brightness, clean river rocks, clean damp forest floor with damp dark soils, damp trees along with its bark and a bit of spiced oak (imagine someone trying to cut a wedge into a tree but stopped half way). Deep undergrowth develops with not much time in the glass. The softly bright red fruits eventually succumb to the darkness that is and eventually becomes black fruit.

    Palate: [58°] Intense black earth, brooding black fruits, deep forest oak with a gentle warming spice, savory bark skin, bitter undergrowth very similar to the nose and finishes with lingering dark minerals with heavily grounded dark graphite, steeped black tea and that soft warming spice.

    Attributes: Really dark ruby. Dry with medium amounts of fine, grainy tannin. Medium to medium-plus body with medium to medium-plus acidity (great integration if its on the higher end). Great finish of at least 18-20+ seconds.

    Thoughts: Very tasty bottling. The palate matches the nose completely. The flavors deliver so much with great energy and intent. Lots of flavors lasting well into the finish and just lingers there. This held up very well over the course of over 5 hours. Just maybe a bit of heat seemed to develop as it got around 4-5 hour mark but I'm just nitpicking there. I really wish I had more to say to add on how good this is but I'm at a lost for words.. should've bought more. This really competes with some heavy hitters with bigger price tags. Dammit man should've just trusted the community on the good '18 vintage and bought more.

    Other notes: Bordeaux glass. Slow-ox'ed in bottle at cellar temp ~55° for the duration of consumption over 5.5 hours, recommend drinking straight from the bottle and let it decant at cellar temp over the course of consumption.

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    August 30, 2020 - Incredible. Best of our tasting at VV

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    August 1, 2020 - Vice Versa Wines - Mostly 2018 with a few others: Huge, powerful wine loaded with potential. Aromatics of blackberries, cassis fruit, smoked meat, scorched earth and violets. Full bodied and packed with pure, gorgeous fruit with savory character, this is an exceptional reflection of the vineyard. Tannins are firm but fine grained, the texture is perfect and the structure is epic. Layers and layers of goodness that will need some time to unfurl. During the time I was at the tasting, this just kept getting better. Finishes super long. Lots of upside potential. 97+++

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