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2007 Torzi Matthews Shiraz "Schist Rock"


  • Australia
  • South Australia
  • Barossa
  • Eden Valley
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CT88.8 65 reviews
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Community Tasting Notes 54

  • Italiana Likes this wine:

    December 19, 2020 - Seems to be still rarin' t'go.

  • RDHudak wrote: 91 points

    December 28, 2017 - C: Dark, and minimal signs of age. N: Dark fruit, charcoal, dried herbs and some leather. P: More of the same, with firming tannin and balanced acidity. F: Medium. This bottle was drinking wonderfully over 3 hours, with no signs of drop off. Plenty of life ahead.91-92.

  • Italiana wrote:

    May 8, 2017 - Fairly balanced, if slightly too rich for my preferences. Based on this bottle, remaining bottles still have enough life to give pleasure.

  • Mlermontov wrote: 89 points

    June 12, 2015 - Sveta's Bday Bash at Prune: ripe sweet fruit and blackberry. Touch of vanilla, mid is ripe and rich but with a core of spice and savory notes. finishes dry and on the savory end - but a bit short. with time - opened more sweet fruit while keeping in balance. good wine but not exciting. alc not showing at all (to reply to previous notes on the wine).

  • napasoutherner Likes this wine: 89 points

    February 17, 2014 - Nothing special.

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  • By Josh Raynolds
    September/October 2008, IWC Issue #140 (link)

    (Torzi Matthews Vintners Shiraz Schist Rock Eden Valley) Subscribe to see review text.

Halliday Wine Companion

  • By James Halliday
    7/7/2008 (link)

    (Torzi Matthews Vintners Schist Rock Eden Valley Shiraz) Subscribe to see review text.


  • By Gary Walsh
    5/23/2008 (link)

    (Torzi Matthews Schist Rock Shiraz) Subscribe to see review text.


  • By Jon Rimmerman
    5/1/2008 (link)

    (SCHIST ROCK Shiraz T-M) Schist Rock Dear Friends, Here we go again - more insane bargain wine. If you wanted to start a wine cellar this week, for very little, you could find some world-class wine from the past few offers. This one may start a rush to the “Reply” button as the last vintage was one of the most popular wines we’ve ever offered so take note... I believe I mentioned to you sometime last winter that (after tasting it), the 2007 Torzi-Matthews Schist Rock Shiraz was even better than Campbell Mattinson’s #1 Wine of the Year 2006 version. The 2006 was a great wine, it broke down barriers of terroir and it’s inspiration with Shiraz - it was an amazing bargain in a sea of South Australian marketing concepts (labeled as “wine”) created simply to make money. Well, the 2007 has not disappointed - Dominic Torzi better get ready for the consumer onslaught and ire from his competition. In what I’m fairly certain is unprecedented, the 2007 Schist Rock is the #1 Wine of the Year...again. Campbell Mattinson’s report debuts today and the Schist Rock tops the bargain list yet again - I’m not sure this has ever happened with any major critical review ever, from any wine-growing region (#1 two years in a row). Surely there must be one single value Shiraz better than the Schist Rock - there are thousands of them in Australia? Not in this case. Lookup whatever TN’s you need to on the 2006 but add a few points for the 2007 - it’s that much better but still even-keeled and full of the balance and minerality that made the 2006 famous. One of the top buys of the year (I keep saying that but it’s true), especially because the 2006 was the same price and the US dollar was worth a lot more when we committed to the 2006 a few years ago. Before the wine hits the Australian market (or European market) Dominic has allowed us to open the floodgates for a few days. Please let us know your interest at your earliest convenience - only 200 cases for the entire US market and you have first crack at them. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ONE SHIPMENT ONLY at this price directly from the source with perfect provenance 2007 Torzi-Matthews Shiraz “Schist Rock” FIRST COME FIRST SERVED at this price up to 24/person until we run out Thank you, Jon Rimmerman Garagiste Seattle, WA Aus8799

  • By Jon Rimmerman
    3/25/2008 (link)

    (SCHIST ROCK Torzi-Mathews Shiraz) UPDATE: Server We are having server issues as we transfer our main server to an even larger bandwidth. If you sent email in the last day or so and it has gone un-replied to, it’s because we never received it. You may want to send any correspondence from over the weekend or yesterday again (if it has not been replied to). The server should be fine from here forward but yesterday was very spotty. Thank you - Garagiste ************************ Schist 2007 Dear Friends, The 2006 version of this wine took on a life of its own and the worldwide impact it made was not only palpable but it was the impetus for thought and change on how the Australian market is viewed by its principle export destinations. With all apologies to Victoria, the Hunter, Margaret River and other terroir-focused environs, the Australian market has been dominated for years by a bastion of Yellow Tail, Rosemount and hot climate cough syrup and that is exactly what the 2006 Torzi-Mathews Schist Rock attempted to change - one taster at a time. As I’ve mentioned in the past, we had more re-order requests on this wine than any other in 2007 and it was for good reason. I have been a proponent of the Schist Rock since the beginning and, along with Jancis Robinson and Campbell Mattinson (who were were instrumental in this wine’s emergence), the groundswell that ensued after its release was what any element needs if it runs against the grain - a grassroots campaign that reaches across borders. Mattinson was so taken with this wine, he gave it his #1 rating in the entire country last year. Praise like that does not go unnoticed and a phenomena was born. Thankfully, Dominic Torzi doesn't take accolades easily - he just wants to make better wine. In 2007 he did the impossible... The 2007 Schist Rock is better than the 2006. I’m serious. ...and so is Dominic Torzi and every other Australian critic that has tasted the wine (rumor is, they are trying to push their weight around to be the first to “discover” and review the 2007 - the first back-to-back Wine of the Year honors Down Under? It’s a real possibility). Look up whatever TN’s you need to on the 2006 but this wine is why we chase the dragon with fermented grapes and why I get up everyday to do this on your behalf. The Schist Rock represents everything we try so hard to instill in a US populous usually more concerned with scores than what is actually inside the glass vessel. With that in mind, the 2007 has it all: exceptional value, depth (in wine and intrigue), organic principles and a show of terroir and a pioneering spirit form a country that too often relies on formulaic winemaking to give the people what Bob wants (or, what Jay wants now) instead of what the people really want - wine made to a formula of passion and not for scores. This wine is for lovers of red wine - you can forget that it’s Shiraz, Syrah or anything else - it’s just darn great wine that shows a sense of the land and impeccable fruit at a price that seems like the mid-1980’s. This wine is not just Shiraz, it is something else - something bigger (in influence, not in size). I’ve attached last year’s offer for the 2006 as it applies here as well with an even greater emphasis on value (hard to believe). Right now, while everyone in Australia is chasing this wine, trying to figure out how Dominic makes it for such a low price, the answer lies in the simplicity of his approach - he does nothing. Before the masses have the chance at this wine (at $20 or more), you may as well be first in line - at the same price as last year. This is a very special nod of appreciation form Dominic because last summer (when we contracted for our 2006 parcel) nobody cared, now, everyone does and everyone wants more than the next person. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for wine of the year potential and absurd value, especially in the face of the US dollar at near 1/1 status with the Oz Dollar ONE SHIPMENT ONLY at this price directly from the source with perfect provenance 2007 Torzi-Mathews Schist Rock Shiraz STRICT LIMIT 24/person until we run out - Jon Rimmerman ******************** (Original offer from last summer on the 2006 vintage): Wine of the Year Dear Friends, The winds of change are in the air and Australia is finally waking up to what they do best - not the syrupy, ridiculous carnival of love show that spread like a virus from the mid 1990’s-present (mostly to please the US market and a single palate that proclaimed this style as the only one that mattered - much to the dismay of the Australian’s themselves). What is hot? The true regional wines that define this country’s endless potential with the grapes that produce diversity as wide as France. After reading Josh Raynolds’ astute commentary a few days ago echoing the above, Campbell Mattinson’s Top 100 (actually the top 101) has just been published a few hours ago and the slant could not be more in line with this philosophy. A few years ago, the Wine of the Year would have been some concoction that was more sugar and alcohol than wine but today, it’s a Shiraz as unique as the terroir its grown in. While the Parker First Growth is not the Wine of the Year (it is on the list as one of the best “luxury reds”) a wine that is quite dear to us is the winner. We debuted this wine to the US market a month ago (to much skepticism, as it had never been reviewed in the US) and I was so behind Dominic Torzi’s desire to showcase the philosophy of expression in his near frigid corner of the Eden Valley that we bought everything we could get our hands on. That was a good decision - today, the 2006 Torzi-Mathews Schist Rock Shiraz is Campbell Mattinson’s Wine of the Year and it’s now the most sought after wine in Australia: Campbell Mattinson’s Wine Front, July 21st, 2007 Top 101 Wines: “This list is personal. It’s the TOP 101 RED WINES that I’d take to war with me, for quality or value or just staright-out excitement. It contains lots of bargains and lots of luxuries, and it’s an overwhelming thumbs up for the quality of the 2005 vintage. From Margaret River to the Barossa Valley, from the Yarra Valley to the Hunter, this is a great vintage. Make hay. Cast your red wine drinking net wide. So many of the wines here push their sense of individualism to the limit. Never has Australian red wine quality been so good, or so diverse .... let’s get into it.... THE WINE FRONT TOP 101 RED WINES 2 0 0 7 WINNER #1. Torzi Matthews Schist Rock Eden Valley Shiraz 2006: “You’re kidding me, right? You can nab this gorgeous little number for less than $20? Crikey. That is value. It’s brilliant: flavoursome, stylish, regional, bristling with fresh dark fruit and then long and impressive through the finish. Value rating: scarily good. Drink: 2007-2012. 91 points.” Regardless of your predilection, the time is now - the time to discover and explore the true Australia is upon us. Jump in... VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for near ridiculous value and refection of site place and vintage 2006 Torzi Matthews “Schist Rock” Eden Valley Shiraz - SOLD OUT Aus6990

Wine Definition

  • Vintage 2007
  • Type Red
  • Producer Torzi Matthews
  • Varietal Shiraz
  • Designation "Schist Rock"
  • Vineyard n/a
  • Country Australia
  • Region South Australia
  • SubRegion Barossa
  • Appellation Eden Valley
  • UPC Code 9340934000037

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  • Pending Delivery 16 (2%)
  • In Cellars 184 (27%)
  • Consumed 475 (70%)

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