• jchaffee wrote:

    October 31, 2017 - Whats not to like? Light bodied and elegant structure yet not lacking presence. Brackish color and fading fruit intertwined with tobacco and earth to make a complete and harmonious unified aroma as opposed to many independently complex components. This didn't feel too old and was exactly what I expect a very old bottle to be like with proper storage. Glad I was able to enjoy this.


  • ttholst wrote: 92 points

    April 13, 2016 - Top shoulder fill. Morken, halvt gjennomtrukken kork. Mørk rød burgunder farge, klar og lett transparent uten brunskjær. Lukt av friske røde bær, omtrent som i en fersk rød burgunder. I tillegg ett bakteppe av søtlig tobakk, tørket frukt som fiken og dadler, herreværelse/røkjakke, medesinskap, svette og sigarkasse. Snev av aceton, rå sopp og kompostjord etterhvert (1,5t)
    Smak av friske syrlige jordbær, tørket gul frukt, tyggetobakk, paracetamol, kaffe og timian/salvie.
    Veldig ren i munnen med bringebærdrops syre, kjølig og litt spinkel men charmant frukt, støvet men merkbar tannin. Medium lengde.
    Forbausende kvikk 49 åring. Dabbet av mot slutten, men ga drikkeglede over 3 timer

  • David Hamren Likes this wine: 93 points

    December 17, 2014 - What a beautiful wine... I read somewhere, a long time ago, that the '67's seem like lean, long-distance runners. This must be true because even with mid-shoulder fill, this was a brilliant wine. Storage has been almost perfect for decades upon decades. Decanted and enjoyed after about 15+ minutes. Still tasted great after 45-60 mins. Super impressed, absolutely lovely mature claret. Rating for pleasure and joy: 93pts

  • KeithAkers wrote: 91 points

    September 12, 2014 - Nose: This was picture perfect mature Bordeaux with cranberries, sandalwood, spice box, cedar notes, tobacco leaf, and some dark red cherries. There is excellent layering and depth with a refined sense.

    Taste: Medium bodied with medium acidity and resolved tannins. The structure is resolved, but also serves to form a base with cranberries, dark red cherries, tobacco leaf, and spice box notes.

    Overall: This was a lovely and mature Bordeaux. It did tail off after 3 hours, but that was just expected. While it was drinking, it was everything that one would want from Bordeaux of this age.

  • 1961Vintage Likes this wine: 95 points

    February 16, 2013 - The rating reflects experience versus expectations. Was expecting something from completely toasted to vinegar and was pleasantly surprised to taste real fruit and decent balance. Sure the wine had the classic bricking, the nose of a very dusty, mushroom filled farmhouse floor. The wine is most certainly past its prime but remains very drinkable.

  • John McCabe wrote: 93 points

    December 3, 2012 - Quite delicious and full of charm. A bit thin, not so concentrated but quite harmonious and expresdive. Quite a bit of fruit left, still showing well.

  • John McCabe wrote: 91 points

    May 25, 2012 - Am amazed at how this has held up. The color gives it away as being a very old wine, and not much nose to speak of. But, it has so much lively fruit, almost a lemon zest to it. A very complete, broad range of well-developed, delicate flavors and complexity. Certainly it's a bit thin, but still, the tradeoffs of that thinness vs. all the beauty such age has brought seems worth it. What a gem.

  • NomadicEntrepreneur wrote: 91 points

    December 24, 2011 - Bricked and a little thin.

  • NomadicEntrepreneur wrote: 93 points

    October 31, 2011 - Amazingly much better than anticipated. The color was bricked, but it had some actual fruit left on it.

  • Acousticdoc wrote: 86 points

    April 22, 2007 - Had this bottle for my wife's and my 40th birthday at Gray Cliff in the Bahamas. Color was light with orange around the rim. Classic old world nose: sweaty socks, smelly cheese, green pepper accents, musty tent with black olive hints after an hour. Thin silky mouthfeel, with pepper and tobacco up front and leather, flower pot, black olive on the mid palate. Lemon zest on the long finish. Obviously past it's prime so hardly any tannins but the experience of drinking a wine from our birth year 40 yrs ago was overwelming.