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    January 4, 2020 - Krug Collection vs Krug Vintage vs Krug Grande Cuvee (Jurmala, Latvia): 🏅Rating 97/100 (4,7⭐)

    Krug 1989 was disgorged in 1998 and had extra 14 years of bottle aging compared to Krug 1989 Collection tasted along side. It showed more signs of oxidation. It had this seductive tangerine citrus aroma and flavours, dark rye bread and coffee notes.
    1989 vintage blend was dominated with Pinot Noir (47%), Chardonnay 29% and high proportion of Meunier (24%) which is usual for Krug.

  • Alex G. wrote:

    November 2, 2019 - Past its prime, a lot of maderized notes here. There was some fruit left but you really had to try hard to focus on them. Bummer.

  • The Vines That Bind wrote: 92 points

    September 26, 2019 - Kuki'o Wine Trip 2019; 9/22/2019-9/28/2019 (Champagne & Bordeaux): Very round and open and losing its tension somewhat. Warm and inviting nose that has bruised apple, cinnamon, and beginning to develop light caramel too. More oxidative than you’d hope, sort of just hanging on. 92 - 93... Forgot to note this was at Chateau Margaux.

  • Racer117 Likes this wine: 96 points

    September 8, 2019 - Opened with a soft sigh and provided moderate bubbles until the last sip.

    Medium golden color and a explosive nose of... everything! There are oxidative notes, fresh candied fruit, white chocolate, toffee. It goes on and on. Similar flavors along with some ginger as well. The last sips had a delicious sweet and sour note. Finish is long and lovely.

  • Collector1855 wrote: 96 points

    June 15, 2019 - Champagne - 75 Top Vintage and NV Champagne; 9/1/2015-9/22/2019: Wonderful mature Champagne nose with candied apple & cinnamon, vanilla, (I guess that makes apple pie) flowers, ginger. Not too oxidative for the fact that this is 30 years old. The palate stays fresh with fine perlage.

  • Dave Canada wrote: 94 points

    April 6, 2019 - From Magnum
    Nose is explosive...candied ginger, flowers, citrus, orange marmalade, coffee, chocolate, earth, Xmas spice, mushroom, biscuit, brioche and minerals
    Palate is dense but here is where you see the impact of the vintage....just a touch lighter than what you see from a top, top vintage.
    Finish is long...coffee, chocolate, candied ginger, minerals, orange zest, flowers, mushrooms, earth and brioche.

    Almost 95

  • scyrene Likes this wine: 93 points

    December 25, 2018 - A sigh on opening, persistent bead in the glass. Rich gold colour. Still fully sparkling in the mouth. Deep, concentrated caramel aroma, with rum, cooked orchard fruit, and maybe a little chocolate (but I have to say with wines like this, I don't get the masses of nuances others claim - it just smells of good mature champagne!). The taste is interesting: upfront acidity, then the midpalate opens out with lots of complexity. There's something sweet in the mouth but not on the tongue, if that makes sense - a sort of fragrance of sweetness without the sugar. After a few minutes, the acidity settles down and it's well balanced. Very similar to the Krug '95 for me - not a blockbuster, but a complete drink offering a lot of pleasure, and it probably will for many years to come. Not the favourite wine I tried this year but certainly in the top 5. [Cork + cage; 12% abv; Vintage Wine Gifts, £389.97 with a discount].

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  • Ramberg wrote: 95 points

    December 24, 2018 - Short note (Christmas eve).
    Nose is deep and complex.
    Gunpowder, touch of wet grass, loads and loads of coffee, sherry, nuts.
    Palate is long, oxidative, but fully alive and very complex.
    Sweet honey, baked apples, sherry notes, spices and minerals.
    Long sweetish finish.
    Really a good wine for tonight, on peak now I would say, perhaps even slightly passed (?).
    I enjoyed it highly (while less wine interested parts of the family did not, good for me, more for me to enjoy).

  • Sijan wrote:

    November 27, 2018 - Very oxidized and way past its prime, but still interesting

  • jmtierney3rd wrote: 96 points

    November 11, 2018 - Adding an anecdote that this review may be slightly faded as I brought these two bottles to The French Laundry the night after our weddings. Probably added something to the score but I did my best to be objective.

    Of the two bottles served, one was good to great, the other was spectacular (understatement).

    Color on the wine was burnt amber and deeply golden.

    There was still a healthy amount of mousse and the nose was closer to....d’Yquem than anything else I could describe. Beautiful notes of fresh fruits and crisp acidity.

    Definitely not past it’s prime and if you have a bottle, I hope you open and enjoy before it turns the corner.