1996 Château Montrose

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Saturday, August 8, 2020 - What to pnp after a great Gru La 00 ?
choose this one, what a meaty, smoky nose, great smell, perfect with grilled meat,
terribly impressive right from the start, needs more aeration than the Gr La, rich, Lucious black fruit, but a lot of secondary and tertiary aromas though, really seductive meaty, mid- to full-bodied, some ripe but supporting tannin still, tremendous length, with a decant or some slow ox very delicious now, but will hold another two decades+ easily, great extraordinary bottle, ***(**), around 94, 95(+)potential

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  • Comment posted by Mark1npt:

    8/15/2020 1:33:00 PM - Glad you had a good bottle! My last one 5 months ago was very uninspiring! I have one left and can't decide when to try it.......

  • Comment posted by fc1910:

    8/15/2020 10:56:00 PM - Hi Mark1npt,
    yes I am very pleased about this fine bottle!
    Earlier in my wine life had at least two flawed ones.
    Maybe Montrose got a problem either with their cork quality or in their cellar during bottling of the 1996 vintage.......,
    you will never know, but looking forward to the rest of my bottles from Montrose 1996, always stay positive and hope for the best!
    Cheers from good old Germany

  • Comment posted by Mark1npt:

    8/16/2020 6:26:00 AM - fc......I picked up a couple of bottles at an auction, so I have no idea how they were stored and that could be the problem. But, yes, there was a lot of variation in BDX in bottles in BDX back then, so it's possible they're just odd bottles. I'll wait a little while longer then open my last one. Cheers from the USA!

  • Comment posted by SLB83:

    9/15/2020 5:11:00 PM - Hi there, thanks for your reviews. I have one bottle, keen to have it in the months ahead. What food would you pair this with?

  • Comment posted by fc1910:

    9/15/2020 7:08:00 PM - Hi SLB83,
    thank you for your kind comment!
    Wine and food is how it all started some thousand+ years ago!
    I sometimes pair a wine of the "classic" style, Bordeaux for instance mostly with a meat meal, Steak, mostly the pre2000 vintages, since then the style changed to more full bodied and more fruit driven.
    In our days I find a lot of Chateaus are on their way back to a more elegant and lesser Alc. showing.
    But even 2015 Bordeaux´s like last weekend are good partners to fine meat, I always choose a better wine to high class, maybe ecological produced food, and a lesser one to standard meals,
    so A Montrose 1996 is "dedicated" to a classic meal with meat,
    I do not know if you like Riesling?
    If so, I would recommended to pair grilled meat with a higher class dry German one, maybe VDP Erste Lage, or if you like a GG! Great Pairings!
    Cheers from Hamburg

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