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  • Perfect everyday wine. Very few faults. Enjoyable.

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  • Another random Costco buy as the price was right and I used to love this circa 2006 or so. This was barely okay and I won’t buy again. Plummy, one dimensional, too much of a merlot and Cabernet dominated blend. Drank over two days and on day 2 I really struggled getting it down.

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  • Black Cherry, Raspberry. Soft. Too Jammy

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  • Diploma Prep with Lauren, Sarah and Mike (Mike's House): Tasted Blind

    A: Medium ruby
    N: Pronounced intensity of red cherry, red plum violet, fruits of the forest (red and black bramble), coffee, cloves, bitter green bell pepper, stem
    P: Dry high acidity, high alcohol, full body, medium (+) astringent tannin, medium (+ intensity and medium finish
    C: The wine feels way too hot. The alcohol is not well integrated and the length of the red fruit and mild florals diminish quickly, The good intensity and mild complexity makes this a good quality wine. Better examples would have greater length, better integrated alcohol and less astringent more resolved tannins.
    This wine is suitable for ageing. The finish is shorter than needed.

    Cabernet France. The wine had clear green bell pepper with red fruit and high acid. The tannin was consistent for the grape too. I thought it was old world as I thought I got some good savouriness.

    Alcohol and body were not at all consistent with Cab Franc. The alcohol is high in the old world too these days so that wasn't helping me. The astringent tannins are a dead giveaway in Washington State CSs according to Brandon.

    This was 76% merlot hence a lot of plum. The majority of the remainder was Cab Sav. A little confusing for me.

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  • Everyday wine. Nothing special. Fresh red fruit, soft tannins. For 14$ not bad, but would get better value with an Argentinian wine

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  • At $8, this is a great little red blend table wine. Dark fruit on the nose, maybe a hint of green pepper, dark fruit on the palate, medium finish, soft tannins. The finish had just a tad of bitterness that was somewhat overdone. But overall, great for the price.

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  • Compared head to head vs the Notebook 14NV Red also from Columbia Valley. Preferred that one to this. This one took some time and air to open up and had just a slight bit more bitterness and slightly toward darker fruit flavors comparatively.

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  • Like it sort of. Guessing more Merlot than I like

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  • nice

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  • A step up from a lot of other ~$12 grocery store wine, although that's not saying much. Its not confected nor cloying, there's a fair amount of balance. But its not really that exciting nor delicious, falling squarely into "acceptable for the price, but very easily destroyed by a few dollars more".

    Nose is really heavy on the oak at first, a boatload of milky vanilla that completely buries the fruit. The next layer down is an underripe leafy/bell pepper tone, thankfully not so intense that it ruins the wine, but it's never something I'm a fan of. Vague dark red fruit is just barely there even deeper down. Feels like 75% oak notes, 15% green, 10% fruit.

    Thankfully the palate is a lot more elegant- simple but tasty, tart red cherry mingling with ripe, slightly darker raspberry, pretty gentle and nondescript tannic structure, respectable acidity. Tasty enough in the end, but there's a lot of better red out there, even for the price. Does come alive a lot more with food. Still curious to try their higher cuvées.

    Edit: somehow on day THREE with only one glass left, it felt much better balanced, fruit a good deal more present throughout and no less fresh, really. Maybe I'd give it a solid decant next time.

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