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Marcel Deiss Burlenberg

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From winery fact sheet:

Typicity: Wild and full-bodied red wine. Marked red color, nose of a rare fruity violence (black raspberry, blackcurrent, blackberry, nutmeg and smoke), mouthfeel entirely spiced by its burnt tannins. A certain virility and great aging potential. Volcanic temperament.

Aging potential: 10 to 15 years

Serving: Mandatory decant 2 hours beforehand. Temperature of 14C.

Pairing suggestions: Red meat, small game. A great pairing of reference: pigeon!

Terroir: Volcanism-baked limestone (oolitic silicified "Calcaire entroques" limestone).

Grape varieties: Complantation of Pinot Noir (fine and straight) and other Pinot mutations (Beurot, Meunier, Blanc, Gris).