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Our Fathers

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Our Fathers wine making began in 2008 after my oldest daughter and her now husband made a wine to give to their guests as a momento of their wedding celebration. They crafted a label that told a story and invited their guests to celebrate again when they drank the wine. They ordered California grapes, found a facility with the necessary wine making equipment and barrel storage, and went through the process of receiving the grapes, de-vining them, crushing, squeezing, storing, bottling and labeling. Some family members assisted in the process and so began an annual family wine making tradition. As we planned our first wine, there was quite a bit of discussion about a name and a label. My darling wife gets the credit for the name "Our Fathers". The label is a tribute to OUR FATHERS. Pictured on the left is my dad, in the center is my brother-in-law's dad and on the right is my wife's dad. Over the years we have had as many as 25 family members join in to help with the process and it has become a family event. Not only is the event a fun time for us but it also provides a supply of some good wine to enjoy with family and friends. Our vintages have included a 2009 Montepulciano made with grapes imported from Italy, a 2010 Napa Cabernet, a 2011 Alexander Valley Insignia Reserve, and a 2012 Insignia Reserve. We have more aging and on the way and look forward to enjoying the family gatherings and of course the wine drinking.