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  • 2005 Lui & William Wines Toro Abelis Carthago Lui Selection

    I took out the three bottles I had stored 6 years ago. This aged very nicely, as hoped. Still powerful. Better with decanting - 24 hours seemed to work well. By this time the tannins had rounded and integrated.

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  • 2011 Bodegas Consejo de la Alta Rioja Cata De Consejero Reserva

    Much better with food than standing alone.

    Pop-and-pour. In glass typical tempranillo nose. Not intense. On initial taste good fruit notes, but also with some harshness and tannins. String bite, indicating good acidity.

    Had it with a black bean and chicken fajita-ish dinner. Excellent match - with almost every few bites I craved a sip of wine. It didn't overpower; it just paired. A wistful feeling when we were halfway through dinner and the wine was gone.

    Great value at $15/bottle from WTSO.

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  • 2012 Uvas Felices Rueda El Perro Verde

    DW and I drank with chicken pad thai. This was the last of six bottles, and I opened this specifically because I thought it would work well with the Pad Thai.

    This met my expectations totally. This Rueda is extremely crisp and totally dry, with very strong citrus notes, primarily grapefruit and lime, set against a mineral base. Also some detectable floral notes in the background.

    This is probably too sharp to be a stand-alone quaffer, but it paired beautifully with the spicy pad thai. It also sailed through my "flabbiness" test. Wines that flunk the flabbiness test are whites that start out crisp and sharp, but as they warm up after opening lose the crispness, turn flabby, and in the worst cases turn phenolic. The green dog passed the flabbiness test with flying colors. After opening it not only stayed sharp, but began too show some added complexity, which is another of my markers for white wines.

    As mentioned previously this was the last of a six-bottle shipment. My overall commentary is that while this is not a complex or deeply structured wine, it is solidly made, without defects, and shows some complexity. Definitely a food wine, and properly paired it is delightful and wonderful QPR. Rated very good.

    At my price of $12.50/bottle this is an insanely good QPR, and if I see it offered again at that price I will easily be in for at least a case more.

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