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  • 2019 Chalk Hill Chardonnay Sonoma Coast

    Southern Wine Buff did a good job of describing the wine except I quibble with the flavor note prominance. It is dark golden, unlike most chardonnays, dark enough I thought it may be damaged. It does have adequate structure, adequate acidity, a finish. However, it exhibits qualities I don't care for: a fruity sweetness with indistinct tropical flavors without complexity, oak without purpose. (To explain this last comment I had been buying Kunde on the low end, oak with a purpose, subtly enhances the wine). The sweetness is a serious turn off although I know this is the treand favored with moderate priced wines, esp PN. Admittedly, my taste runs Euro - meursault and montrachets now out of the price range, even Chalonaise and Macon pricey for good Macon communes like la Roche. However, I also favor Chalone and Saintsbury among the affordable, higher price point than this Costco buy at $16.50. These won't be followed by siblings. I chose not to append a rating to not pollute the community trend.

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  • 2015 Château La Dominique

    Couldn't leave it alone, nagging doubt. Nothing has changed. This is Day 2 with Argon overnight. If anything, I am a little surprised at the tannin present after the pronounced aromas coming from the glass for 10 minutes. The finish is average. There will be some wine left after today (only about 150 ml last night) but not worth drinking. The reason I keep trying these is my memories of many bottles in early 80's, different time different styled wine.

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  • 2015 Château La Dominique

    Jeff Leve wrote this is ready to drink. This depends on preference but my take is ... it can be drunk. I'll wait on the many more bottles, nibbling next year. If you drink it now, decant an hour in advance (or more). I drank this in 2 parts with Argon between. Yesterday, the wine did not fully open until 2-3 hours. Today, the wine is open but tannin more evident. It has thrown sediment so careful in pouring. Years of ports were instructive, LED flashlight better than a candle!

    This is very nice. I won't bother to write a real tasting note, previous ones are valid. I'm at a lifestyle/life state to drink these early, will try to remember to capture impressions however, they will be gone before fully mature. I'm keeping the Margaux and Beaucastel in my limited storage.

    The rating is based on potential. For today I would not rate it as high, 2+ lower.

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