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  • 2015 Patrick Jasmin Côte-Rôtie La Giroflarie

    Deep purple

    Nose: Smoked coffee, bay leaf, crushed black pepper, cherry pit. Dense and layered

    Mouth: A deep, elegantly rendered pool of huckleberry, blackberry and bitter cherry come in bolted onto a rowdy spine of acid and cast iron as notes of espresso, bay leaf, and crushed pepper mingle around. Ends on a bitter cherry note again, adding a tinge of fruit to all the torque.

    Overall: Considerably more open knit than expected, this shows fresh fruit up front and a deeply structured back end that feels like it would go better with a bit more of blackened fruit core. A bit of a paradox in terms of ageability as the fruit is just about ready and the tannins drawn back while the structure wants a few more decades to settle. Pick your poison I guess about when to pop. Drink now - 2038.


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  • 2017 Bouchard Père et Fils Beaune 1er Cru Beaune du Château Blanc

    Pale gold

    Nose: white flower, crushed slate, peach, light butter tones.

    Mouth: Silken white peach, golden apple, are given a touch of honey and elderflower as they glide through together. The oak is polished to a sheen, giving a frictionless frame to the overall package. Finish dries out and lengthens everything just a bit, introducing some light crushed seashell and liquid butter tinges to close out.

    Overall: Weighty, but never overladen, this shows finesse via seamless, silken palate action. Harmonious, and dynamic, with elegant little flourishes that introduce themselves over time. A balanced overall package. Drink now - 2025.


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  • 2014 Château Beausejour (Duffau Lagarrosse)

    Deep garnet, hazy

    Nose: Cassis, singed applewood, warmed chestnut, liquid violet, tar.

    Mouth: A lovely core of cassis, warmed fig, and black cherry sit atop a rigid carpet of graphite, applewood, and tar that take over into the midpalate/finish, enveloping the fruit and closing in on it, locking it down for now. A warmed chestnut note also runs throughout, which is noted on the nose upfront, and carries through to the extended finish where just a touch of bitter baking chocolate rings out at the very end.

    Overall: A high-torque version, inlaid with ample structure that still commands the fruit completely for now. Burlier than I expected for both St. Emilion and for the property, this is a fine effort, but requires additional integration to allow the beautiful fruit to be able to hold center stage in the end. Shows ample character in the warmed fig and chestnut notes that are worth developing further. Drink 2024 - 2036.


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