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  • 2005 Kaesler Shiraz The Bogan

    This falls somewhere between a table wine and port. The extraction and alcohol are over the top. I'd rather drink port and get what I expect. Glad it was my only bottle.

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  • 2007 Domaine les Grands Bois Côtes du Rhône Villages Cuvée Philippine

    I've read all the hype about the 07 southern Rhones and think it's warranted, but here's the rub. This is a good wine but they all seem about the same to me a this stage. I think that's because they're just too young. I've been drinking my various 2007 Grands Bois cuvees, Dom de la Garrigue, Nicolet, etc., because they are inexpensive ($12-$18 for the most part) while letting all the 'good stuff' in my cellar age. The problem I think is that the 07 CdRs and village wines have the potential to be so much better, and way more distinctive, in a couple more years. Right now this, like the others, is a decent wine but it doesn't stand out in the least and hasn't come close to reaching its potential. I've decided that I need to find other QPR wines to hold me over until the 'good stuff' matures, and resist consuming all my 07 CdRs for another year or two at least. In the past I've found that a good CdR can age well and make the wait well worthwhile. So I plan to ignore the "drink now" recommendations and hold onto these for a couple more years at least, hard as it will be to resist drinking a 2007 CdR over an older bordeaux for example. Anyway, this wine is decent now but I have no doubt it will be much better as it evolves.

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  • 2002 Joseph Swan Vineyards Zinfandel Lone Redwood Ranch

    I agree with other posters who note pinot characteristics in this wine. However, I bought this hoping for a nice round zin with some bottle age. It has indeed held up well and still seems young. On opening, though, the first taste is kind of like fruitcake. Whenever we got those at Christmas, they ended up in the garbage...too sweet ad too candied. This wine won't go down the drain but it does have a candied aftertaste and a bit of sour pie cherry flavor that I sometimes detect in new world pinots, and lacks the boldness and rusticity of a good zin. This wine is an enigma to's too soft and candied for a zin and lacks the subtlty and elegance of a good pinot. While not a bad wine by any means, it misses the mark.

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