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  • 2012 Occidental Pinot Noir SWK

    Quite a departure from the normal Kosta Brown profile. Unlike the uncious, smooth red fruit of Russian River pinots, this Occidental is like a premier Cru Burgundy. Light to medium body color with cranberry and sour cherry giving way to bright acidity. Nose is understated with very light dark earth and violets. Very well made, but atypical for Coastal Sonoma.

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  • 2013 Krupp Brothers Estates Chardonnay

    I had this wine last night at a Krupps Brothers wine dinner at Flemings. This is a somewhat surprising Chardonnay, in that the carmel/Butterscotch/Pear fruit profile was immediately evident on the front. This lovely fruit, with white flower nose and creamy mouthfeel was deftly balanced with bright acidity, and just the right amount of oak, (less than 12 months on new French Oak. Like musical harmony, this wine was a real pleasure to drink by itself and even better with the Lobster croquet with which it was paired. The Chard is a pleasant departure from other premuim Chardonnay's with which it takes its rightful place.

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  • 2012 Aubert Chardonnay Eastside Vineyard

    My wife and I are long time fans of Aubert. Aubert is a chardonay that never disapoints, rather it reinforces the fact that great California Chardonnay can compete with Grand Cru Montrachet. We had this bottle, from the great 2012 vintage last night with friends. We drank the wine aroung 55 degrees. By drinking this wine at a higher temperature than most prefer, brings out the smoothness and nuance that can be disguised by cold temps. The most noticable attribute is the beautiful smoothness of Butterscotch, vanilla, and creamy tropical fruit on the initial attack. The flavors blend together with white flowers and wet stone minerality on the mid palate.....all culminating with the perfect amount of acidity and roundness on the lingering finish. Equal to the superb taste is the equally great nose.....we found ourselves with our noses even in the empty glasses......Truly great juice. Enjoy!

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