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  • 2003 Clos du Marquis

    A bit more disjointed compared to my previous tasting. Not liking 2003s that much, they're starting to taste a little thin

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  • 2005 Château Labégorce-Zédé

    This seems to have settled nicely, especially after being paired with a nice ribeye steak. Not the disjointed smoky example two years back, this is coming along much better than that initial testing in 2013 suggested. No fireworks here, but this is drinking well with something rich now to offset the tannin.

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  • 1989 Château Gloria

    For its age, the wine still has plenty of stuffing, with ample fruit and lingering tannins. Really highlights the pedigree of the excellent 1989 vintage. What bothered me was the nose, which had a "roasted" quality that i didn't like. This wasn't brett, more like toasty plastic?, and was still around after lots of air. Makes me worried about the 2009 which i tried recently, which had a similar roasted quality to the nose - in a young wine it doesn't bother me much but with the 1989, the mix with the tertiary notes was a bit less appealing. Haven't had much experience with Gloria, would like to hear what others think!

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