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  • BuzzzzOff says:

    7/26/2019 9:50:00 PM - Hey Insane Diego. Alas, our best recommendation for 2011 Sassicaia would be to wait a few more years. Nevertheless, we think it will be much yummy. Open, sniff and sip to determine whether or not to decant. We guess yes, albeit you could allow to breathe in the bottle for a few hours if you have the time. We would munch with some Provolone, Taleggio, Parmigiano Reggiano (36 months) and various Italian meats on ciabatta bread. Oh my Ears and Whiskers, what a wonderful sipping 'n snacking event...we wish we were with you. San Diego is a very nice place!!!

  • bestdamncab says:

    4/27/2019 7:46:00 AM - Robert Biale makes great wine. Thank you for becoming a Fan of my Tasting Notes.

  • BuzzzzOff says:

    12/25/2018 10:01:00 PM - Good to be fans. Cool collection. Fav wine or varietal?