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  • 2015 Veramonte Primus The Blend

    I bought a bottle of this at Costco because the price was low, about $10, and this vintage was rated high by Wine Spectator. HOWEVER, the label on my bottle is different than the one shown (mine has a large gold "P" instead of the circular logo, and at the bottom it has "APALTA COLCHAGUA - CHILE. This causes me to think that there are several bottllings around this wine and the one sold by Costco might be different form the one reviewed by WS. I've seen these shenanigans before with another wine. Can anyone help here? Which version was rated by WS? Thanks!
    In any case, the wine was not bad, 85, but not 90. Dark, fruity, but a bit astringent, maybe needs aging.

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  • 2013 Monte Antico Castello di Monte Antico Toscana IGT

    I can't remember why or where I bought a case of this, or how much I paid. It must have been recommended by a publication, otherwise I would not have bought it. 85% Sangiovese, 10% CS, 5 % Merlot. This wine is OK, but not great. Color is solid purple. Little nose, but maybe I'm coming down with a cold. Taste has the classic red cherry hint characteristic of Sangiovese (in my experience). The finish has a bit of hot estery bite that detracts from my enjoyment. Wine-searcher today claims to have it for $9.10. For that price, it is reasonable, but I would not pay much more than that.

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  • 2015 Castello di Gabbiano Chianti Classico

    After seeing the Wine Spectator picking this in their "Top 100 of 2019", rating it at 92 and pricing at $14, I figured this is my type of wine. Despite 61,000 cases produced, very few local shops had this wine (NW Boston suburbs area), but I found the last 12 bottles at a local hole in the wall shop for $10.60, so I snapped up all 12. I have no idea what the storage conditions were (I believe that this wine has been on the market for about a year), although it was brought up "from the basement". I was generally disappointed, given the tout by WS. The wine has medium cherry fruit and tart acidity. Color is medium red. No strong negatives, just no strong positives. OK, but not great. I will not go looking for another case. San Felice Chianti Classico from the same vintage (2015) was much better.

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