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  • 2005 Sine Qua Non The Petition

    Popped this for friends at our post-Thanksgiving day after orgy of leftovers and it was just an awesome drinking experience. It had a deep and magnificent dandelion yellow hue and once we tasted it, the wine was beautifully balanced full of tropical and mineral nuances. Wish i had more bottles of this cuz it still has years left in the tank.

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  • 2004 Harlan Estate

    Outstanding with a few caveats. I think this wine is actually better than the high score I gave it but admittedly, i was in a pop, pour and drink like a mo fo mood last night, so I didn't really give this bottle a fighting chance to show its full glory. Sill, it came out swinging. Beautiful dense maroon/ purple color. I call it a regal, opaque-like hue. A nose of rich black fruit, exotic asian spices, even a little blood. In the mouth, this wine delivers lush, ripe flavors of black cherries and blackberries, roasted espresso, vanilla, and a bit of mocha too, along with a light hint of sage or brush. It is still very tannic and even a tad hot on the finish. I was celebrating good news from the doctor, so I wish i had decanted this wine for several hours as it was markedly more integrated, open and pleasurable in the final sips....

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  • 2008 Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon

    The 2008 Scarecrow is solid but not as impressive as previous vintages I have enjoyed. The wine exhibits a violet tinged purple color and a bright bouquet that offers up black fruit along with smoke, creosote, and coffee. I picked up on a slight hint of eucalyptus or menthol too. Once you take a sip, you get a nice mix of rich black and blueberries, cassis, malt and vanilla. Overall, I felt it was leaner than vintages like the 03, 04 and 05. There is also a bit more oak than I remember from earlier years and I wondered if it spent more time in barrel or they used a barrel with more toast. I should add that I poured this bottle at a charity event yesterday and many others enjoyed it more than I did. Not trying to diss the wine because I liked it plenty but for the price, it didn't send me to wow-land or get me close to the Emerald City.

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