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  • 2013 Giovanni Rosso Barolo Cerretta

    Decanted, note made about an hour after opening and scored as excellent on Cellar Tracking point scale. I could have rated this a little higher as a value for money proposition, because I think it is outstanding on that measure.

    Not a well known maker, but they have deep roots in the region, going back over a century. They are fastidious in their viticulture and make their wine in a style that lets the grape and region speak - i.e. they are not heavily extracted or oaked.

    The colour is medium garnet, still quite bright.

    The first thing that you note when you open the bottle is the wonderful Nebbiolo aromas that come wafting out of the bottle. Great 'typicity'. Tar and roses it is, though more roses and red fruit, with the tar/smokiness/earth a pleasing accent. There is some sweetness to the fruit aromas.

    The palate is vibrant and the tannins, though plentiful are quite fine and seem ripe. This wine is young, yet in keeping with the vintage it is surprisingly approachable. I love 2013's for this reason. I doubt they will mature into classical Barolos, but they give you something delightful whilst the 2015's come around. The palate is very long and intense and the flavours are as per the nose. This would just love to be matched with a huge T-Bone or Ribeye on the Bone and that is just another thing to love about Barolo - it loves Beef and so do I.

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  • 2011 Domaine Auguste Clape Cornas

    Clape Cornas is a real go to for me. I understand why people don't like Clape and I am glad, because it means more for me.

    I didn't decant this and the note is made at about the 6 hours open mark. Early on it was marked by strong olive characters and plum fruits, plus a bit of trademark Clape stink. The olives largely disappear after about 2-3 hours and around 5 hours the wine is really starting to open up and boy is it humming. Now we have earthy, leathery elements (some will hate this), dark plums, pepper, a hint of orange zest and even some floral elements. The nose is Nirvana.

    The palate probably doesn't quite deliver to the level of the nose. There is a slight sourness and some slightly bitter tannins - again, some people will find themselves unable to get past this. I love the complexity, the mix of orange zest, plum and pepper with hints of leather.

    Ultimately, this is a slightly flawed wine, yet it doesn't really matter to me because what is good is so good. You won't easily get this level of complexity in any wine. Being a lesser year it also represents really good value for money. A real delight.

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  • 2019 Julian Haart Wintricher Ohligsberg Riesling

    Wonderful Mosel of great refinement and purity. It is a bit more pricey than some of its rivals but there is no argument about quality. Well worth trying.

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  • Mhbeaune says:

    5/13/2021 7:09:00 AM - Love the personal descriptor of ‘wine dilettante ‘ ! Aren’t we all. Your variety is as wide as mine. You don’t have really ‘love’ a particular wine IMO to really appreciate it’s class if one has sufficient background information. The thing that still amazes me today is how certain wine really pair/improve with certain foods.

  • Mhbeaune says:

    3/28/2021 6:00:00 PM - Funnily enough Chateau d’Issan is not an often trade wine and has gone forward with leaps and bounds under Emmanuel Cruze. A bottle of the 1986 first passed my palette about 15 years ago at a restaurant overlooking a beautiful millpond near Limoges. Swiftly followed a few days later by a case purchase of the 1996. Over the following years i have invested in all the good vintages 2000, 05, 09, 15 & 19. I long ago finished the 1996 and few cases for earlier drinking of the 2004. Now a days, in the best vintages, they come into their own at about with about 15-20 years of age. That said i believe the 2012 is drinking wonderfully now but i have not tried it myself.