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  • 2021 Los Angeles River Wine Company Galleano Family Home Ranch Red Galleano Vineyards

    Super excited to have found this at Bottle Barn and to have opened it this evening. Interestingly, the label does not show an abv at all. I assumed that it was a zin-dominant blend, but according to their website, it is something else entirely:

    "The vineyard dates from about 1912. There is a large section planted to Mission and mixed whites, including Muscat and Palomino, for the Sherry. The rest of the vineyard is mostly Alicante Bousquet, for the Port. It also has a planting of about 100 Salvador vines, a very rare and obscure hybrid vinifera grape, bred in Texas in the late 1900's specifically for California port. It is inky black, but holds acidity as it ripens, even in warm weather. It is also very tannic-- at least the old vines in this tough vineyard are. The wine from Salvador has a wonderful aroma that is very savory and even somewhat feral, all while being clean and precise.

    To make this wine, we harvested all of the Salvador and there was not very much. Domenic was impressed by our hard work on a hot day, and offered us some Alicante to bolster our harvest. I jumped at the opportunity to make a wine that represented the whole vineyard, and even picked a little Palomino to co-ferment."

    Clean carbonic fermentation, very tart, strong tannins, very bright. Black tea notes, red fruits, tart cherry. I was reminded of the 2014 Sky Zinfandel tasted earlier this year, but this is has more of a stewed fruit character, with cranberry notes I associate with carbonic fermentation. This also reminded me of the jug of carbonic Rubired from Monte Rio Cellars I tasted earlier this year. Both share an odd but compelling lacquer note on the nose.

    I didn't get the same sense of place from this wine that I've found in other wines made from Cucamonga appellation grapes, including those made by Domenic Galleano and Carol Shelton. However, the Galleano Family Home Ranch Red is an interesting, compelling, unusual, and frankly delicious wine.

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  • 2019 Idlewild Flora & Fauna White

    Graceful and pretty, light honey and white flowers. Versatile with a wide variety of lighter food. Complemented a sweet Melo Gold grapefruit surprisingly well. Excellent value.

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  • 2019 Seghesio Family Vineyards Zinfandel Sonoma County

    This did not taste pleasant upon opening. The initial flavors were overly sweet, with a fake candied finish I associate with inexpensive mass-produced CA zinfandel. However, after decanting for a bit, the fake flavors blew off and the wine has revealed itself to be much more pleasant, though still a little sweet on the finish. A nice zin, but there are much better examples at the same price point.

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