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  • VlgJeff says:

    2/18/2018 1:50:00 PM - Many thanks for all of your Tasting Notes - particularly given that they are complete notes, not just inventory deletions. How, though, do you average over 800 TNs /yr?

  • SteveG says:

    4/23/2015 5:33:00 AM - Thanks for the start! I can't figure out how to send you a PM, but my email is long since rather public, please send to: steve at ninanet dot net Thanks!

  • SteveG says:

    4/22/2015 4:45:00 PM - Hi, Loren, I encounter and appreciate your postings regularly, thanks for the insightful notes! If it is convenient, I am wondering if you might recommend a restaurant in the Solon area for my wife to host her cousins whom she is visiting. We do not get to Cleveland often but she would like to treat them to a fine and interesting dinner. Thanks in advance for your kind consideration, and certainly I understand if this is not convenient. Cheers!

  • christopher sliney says:

    8/1/2014 10:16:00 PM - Loren... You nailed the note on the 1996 Parusso Mariondino. I am tasting it August 1, 2014...and your notes are in perfect alignment with mine. I chose to grip-and-rip from the cellar, and to start tasting immediately. So I have some early behavior comments on the wine but, after 30 minutes of air and swirl, I believe we are tasting from the exact same bottle. :)) cheers!

  • csnyder612 says:

    4/1/2014 4:48:00 PM - Loren, I went to law school with a Ricky Sonkin from your area. Any relation? Nice note re: Ch. Thieuley btw.

  • nortonnose says:

    7/16/2013 6:21:00 PM - Great night of notes, Loren - thanks for sharing! What's your address again, please? ;)

  • enovino says:

    6/14/2013 5:02:00 AM - Loren, just stumbled upon your profile in CT. I had the opportunity to try Bevan's wines yesterday in Buffalo, NY with Russell. Wow is all I can say. And an amazing think happened at the tasting: Russell put his '09 Showket EE Proprietary Red up against '09 Dominus in a blind tasting, and it really held it's own! Anyhow, hoping to learn more about your wines and glad to know that you are a fellow NE Ohioan.

  • G_H says:

    4/15/2012 10:03:00 AM - Loren, i just read your tasting notes of the chave sqn night, while i appreciated the tasting note, i really loved the closing words. Its really all about friendship. Let me know if you are in switzerland by any coincidence and i will open one of the sanctus sanctorum i have in my cellar!