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  • 2011 Domaine Denis Mortet Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles Vignes

    Pop and pour, initially warm animal notes on the nose. Some lavender and leather. Palate is dominated by warm fruit, prominent tartness and a short watery finish. This needs time.

    Decanted for an hour in 17 degrees celcius. After that, the wine opens up a bit, into a quite austere masculine tannin-rich example of Burgundy. A bit unyielding and not very lovable. Dark ripe fruit, hibiscus and leather. Nothing really green, but a clear vintage stamp all over this wine. A bit unbalanced. It stays the same all through the evening until the penultimate glass.

    Suddenly there is something there. A more deep, brooding and accessable notion. Did I really drink almost the whole bottle before the wine showed itself? Suddenly I have a cooler fruit structure, even if the decanter has been standing in room temperature for the last 20 minutes. The structure softens, and the wine becomes more elegant and less angular. Cold soft fruit fills the palate instead of fighting it as it has the last 2-3 hours.

    Suddenly this is joyful and a real treat! What happened? The nose is the same. Hibiscus and warm spicy notes. Need to open another bottle soon because this one made no sense... right now I’m scoring 90-91 points. Earlier this was going in the direction of 87. Weird!

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  • 2010 Comte Armand Volnay

    Needs time to open up. After a couple of hours we have a rustic wine with partially developed fruit and a bit prominent tannins. Good but not my most elegant 2010.

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  • 1979 Roagna Barbaresco

    Unbelievable. This wine holds up after all these years and shows fantastic. Leather, spices, fine grained tannins, mushrooms, truffle, moss and forest floor, dirt, earth, gravel and dried meat. Flowers, dried and preserved. Fantastic intensity of flavour. Nose is all over the place. Palate is never ending. Can’t get enough of this wine.

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