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  • 2012 Fonseca Porto Late Bottled Vintage Unfiltered

    Colour: dark cherry red
    Nose: sweet red jammy berry fruit, raspberry coulis, mulberry jam, cassis, plum. Spirity. Old oak, sweet spice, brown sugar, preserved walnuts.
    Palate: sweet jammy red berry fruit. Plum, mulberry jam, plum jam, elderberry. Sweet spice, old oak. Preserved walnuts. Enough fresh berry-like acidity to just about balance the sweetness, fine grained drying tannins. Rich, sweet, liqueured, unctuous. Some heat from the alcohol, spirity. Full bodied. 20% alcohol. Should age well too?

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  • 2014 Château de Sours

    Colour: pale straw, touch of green
    Nose: gooseberry, capsicum, asparagus, lime. Lemon curd. Passion fruit, touch of mango. Grassy. Fresh. With air, maybe some peach and vanilla, French oak, slightly smokey. Maybe liquorice root?
    Palate: lithe, fresh, driving lemony acidity. Lime. Passion fruit. Gooseberry. Grassy. Can’t taste the liquorice the tasting notes mention. Acidity provides lots of structure. Still seems very young and fresh. Very dry, 12,5% alcohol. Bought on sale, as apparently the winery has been bought by another company and it’s no longer produced. Very nice.

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  • 2016 Winton Road Shiraz Old Vine Barossa

    Colour: dark cherry red
    Nose: plum, raspberry, blackberry. Mulberry jam and slightly burnt toast. Charred oak. Juniper berries, tobacco leaf.
    Palate: blackberry, blackcurrant, cherry, plum. Mulberry jam. Toast. Charred oak. Fresh berry-like acidity, fine grained moderate drying tannins. Rich, full bodied. Classic, slightly unctuous, Barossa Shiraz. 14,5% alcohol. Made by James Busby (ie Coles) but still very good.

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