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  • danielbleier says:

    11/2/2023 1:12:00 AM - thanks for the notes...yes, I opened this far too early and overall the wine was tight on the first day...I let sit inside a magnum bottle overnight and it really opened up.

  • BradE says:

    6/23/2023 7:09:00 PM - Thanks for the note. I was typing in mostly DRC notes and the 1923 La Tache was a negociant bottling. I put in the note in DRC as I was a bit on autopilot catching up on some notes. Good catch, thanks.

  • Stoic Warrior says:

    6/4/2023 2:31:00 AM - 03/06/2023 06:02:00 - WineGuy, Feytit-Clinet is certainly underrated. I visited them some years back (as well as Trotanoy who were just across the road). Then I had their 2019 on my en primeur short list, but opted for some others instead. Now I see that Feytit-Clinet make the house Pomerol for BBR (here in London). A young vines product it seems. I do buy some wines from BBR but I haven't been that impressed with their contracted house products, so I will pass on that F-C bottling. I will, however, reconsider the 2019's, which are still readily available, and will look for your 2014 recommendation, thanks.

  • Mark1npt says:

    3/20/2023 8:13:00 AM - WG...hit me up at if you will. Trying to make some trip plans.

  • Mark1npt says:

    3/18/2023 5:34:00 PM - We will surely have this in private with a great bottle or, three......

  • Mark1npt says:

    3/18/2023 4:33:00 PM - It gets worse......not only was the entire thread on the '10 LDH scrubbed from CT but all of OUR individual comments from our own profiles regarding the '10 LDH have been scrubbed from the site and from our own accounts/profiles, too. I was hoping to go back and print my comments up, along with yours and a few others but admin has scrubbed them all.....that really sucks. Just like being locked out of your Twitter account!

  • Mark1npt says:

    3/18/2023 3:40:00 PM - You are dead bang on about the Chinese and their status culture with new money. I've known the businessman a long time, and he was telling me 20 years ago about all the young yuppie Chinese and the lengths they would go to, to impress their families and friends as jobs and wages started becoming more plentiful in the country. There was actually a factory there that had completely counterfeited BMW exteriors and they would mate the parts to their cheap Chinese vehicles so all their contacts would see them driving around in a BMW! (albeit a fake one!) It was all about status and impressing others. And on another trip, he called a friend of his that worked for Apple, asking him how long they had a store in this one city, and his friend said, "we don't!" Turned out to be an entirely counterfeit Apple store from the ground up, with all knockoff products being sold out of it to unsuspecting Chinese and tourists.

  • Mark1npt says:

    3/18/2023 3:22:00 PM - Yeah, he's obviously in the trade, probably a buyer for the Chinese and the Chinese only want THE most expensive because they think it means highest and best of the best and they above everybody else feel it to be the most important to show off and impress whom they do business with throughout the rest of the world by popping this stuff as often as they can. Funny thing is, I have a patient who does international business with them all the time and while the uber-expensive Bdx are being popped at the dinner table for all to enjoy, the wives of the businessmen are all pouring Coka-Cola into their glasses to mix with their Mouton!!! He says it's just routinely done over there at every fancy dinner when the expensive Bdx are poured. The women hate them straight up! Can you imagine? And he's not the first one to tell me this, either.....I wonder what the a**hat would say to that?

  • Mark1npt says:

    3/18/2023 3:36:00 AM - I just blocked collector1855. He's had the entire thread removed about the LDH and is no longer accepting comments on any of his wines. What a douche. I knew I should have printed up the entire thread. Carol was getting quite the kick out of me reading everyone's responses to him.....Mark

  • randyjc says:

    2/18/2023 3:05:00 PM - I am right there with you on the big syrupy awful California cabs. Not only do they suck, they suck money from your wallet in wholly unjustified sums.

  • Racer117 says:

    2/14/2023 7:23:00 AM - Thanks for the message. I'm spending part of my time in Hot Springs, AR so I'm not always in Carlsbad. If you're visiting, drop a note as we have a great group with deep cellars in the Carlsbad area.

  • sfbikeguy says:

    12/31/2022 1:00:00 PM - WGDM- Happy New Year to you and your family! Thanks for your insight. My future wine experiences will be much more enjoyable thanks to you. For tonight, I just opened a 2005 Canon La Gaffeliere that I purchased a few months ago. I'll start decanting in an hour so it has about 4-5 hours before dinner. Have not tasted yet, but nose is very youthful. Cheers and looking forward to '23 and beyond. Mike

  • sfbikeguy says:

    11/14/2022 6:10:00 PM - Have not moved. Still next to Mountain View. Still have CO on my short list to visit soon (to ski and visit friends in Denver). I'll ping you ahead of time.

  • sfbikeguy says:

    11/14/2022 5:35:00 PM - WGDM- Great call on the 2019 Becot! #11!

  • davidandrose says:

    3/21/2022 6:49:00 PM - Agree with you on the Dunns (one of the first wines we began cellaring) and the Monty's. Had a '10 Monty ~2 years ago and was suprisingly good for the vintage. The Dunns.....they go on and on! Don't recall if we've discussed this in the past, but Mike and Kara Dunn's own label Retro is both a solid wine and value.

  • rthpal says:

    3/3/2022 3:37:00 AM - WuneGuyDelMar Many thanks for your comments, I really agree with you. Because we are old, my wife and I keep most of our reds at room temperature (close to 72 degrees F.) so that they matoure faster, So far we have noticed no ill effects,

  • pilatus88 says:

    2/4/2022 12:27:00 PM - I agree it is still young and a bit tight. I gave it a couple of hours and was impressed with the delivery. I will still leave the rest of the crate few more years. Even if not maximized non the less a very good and enjoyable drink today.

  • rthpal says:

    10/6/2021 3:05:00 PM - Thanks for your comment on the 2016 D de C. I like the 2014 but have not had the 2009 (or the 2010). Best wishes, rthpal

  • MJP Hou TX says:

    10/1/2021 7:34:00 AM - Thanks for the note on the Outpost. I'm guessing I would need to bundle it with other wines that I might not drink anymore. I have a vertical of Tusk 14-16 and scarecrow I might throw into the mix. Thanks again!

  • VinhoVerde says:

    7/9/2021 10:54:00 AM - Most of the attendees I spoke to after the second day of tasting thought the same as I. Double decanting helped the wines display more of their fruit and and softened the tannins this vintage is known for. Think about it. Just popping a cork allows about a dime’s circumference of air to interact with the wine. It was a great tasting. Most of the “serious” 2005’s are adolescents right now. They remind me of both the northern Medoc 1996’s and, to some extent, the 1966 Bordeaux vintage.

  • VinhoVerde says:

    7/9/2021 7:30:00 AM - Day 1wines had cork removed from bottle 2 hours before serving. Not decanted. Day 2 wines were double decanted 2hours prior to tasting.

  • sfbikeguy says:

    1/21/2021 5:31:00 PM - Opening the 2015 Beausejour Becot tomorrow around 1 for dinner...

  • sfbikeguy says:

    1/14/2021 5:26:00 PM - Funny side note, the order with Laguna has turned into a road trip discussion with 2 buddies. We'll see if it happens. May drive down Sunday and pick up on Monday. Laguna weather is really nice right now. The things you consider during a pandemic...

  • sfbikeguy says:

    1/13/2021 6:49:00 PM - I forgot to mention, I did get one bottle of the 2015 Becot to try. $69. I'll try that next week and give it some good airtime before to enjoy it. Thanks again. M

  • sfbikeguy says:

    1/13/2021 6:28:00 PM - WineGuy- Thanks for your Duffau recommendation. Plenty of good comments. Just ordered the 2016 and 2018 from .

  • COWineLover says:

    10/31/2020 10:31:00 AM - BTW. I have a wine rep at JJ Buckley in Oakland. If you are ever interested in a referral to him, let me know and I will ask him to put you on his preferred client list. You can email me at and I will pass along the info. Cheers

  • COWineLover says:

    10/31/2020 10:12:00 AM - I love duck, and with a good Red Burg there is not much better to enjoy together. Enjoy and have a good weekend.

  • COWineLover says:

    10/30/2020 9:09:00 PM - We live in Centennial in the Denver area. I'm getting closer to retirement and interested in getting away from the increasingly rude urban life. I built a room in our basement to hold everything. As you note the prospect of moving the wines means we will probably not move too far as there will be many trips to move all the wine. Have a good weekend, and enjoy a good bottle. Tonight I pulled the cork on a 2015 Pavelot SLB Guettes in 375 and it rocked the house. Lights out QPR.

  • COWineLover says:

    10/29/2020 9:08:00 PM - Hi WineGuyDelMar, Thanks for your comment on my board. You asked about where I purchased the 2015 Maison Arlaud Vosne Aux Reas. My records show that was acquired from K&L. Happy to share other information or answer questions. Ironically my wife and I were looking at some land to build outside of Divide CO. It would of course need to include a house designed around the wine storage area. Cheers. Kelly

  • srh says:

    10/25/2020 4:55:00 PM - Sorry, WGDM, I've not had the 2016 Bien Nacido Estate Syrah either, & since I trying to get the size of my cellar down... :(

  • srh says:

    10/25/2020 2:42:00 PM - 2016 Bien Nacido Estate Syrah Santa Maria Valley :: Noting you're apparently cellaring a couple of these, you MIGHT want to check out the "special" @

  • ChopperWine says:

    4/26/2019 11:14:00 AM - Hi. I read your comment to my note regarding the 2012 Clos des Papes Châteauneuf-du-Pape. I happen to agree with you that it doesn’t seem logical that the wine is done in just barely 7 years after the vintage. Interestingly, I am finding the comments I made generally have been applying to the 2012 CDP's I've tried in general. Time will tell.

  • Homer Holland says:

    3/30/2019 12:41:00 PM - I did like your TN on the 2013 Tommasi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, so Ilike to be friends with you on CT!.

  • Red Sox Fan says:

    1/5/2019 8:41:00 AM - Hi, I saw your comment on the note I posted for a bottle of Outpost Cabernet and realized that I had entered it for the wrong vintage. The bottle was a 2012, not a 2015, and I moved the note to the correct vintage. Others seem to have had a good experience with the 2012 but I found it way too tannic at this time. I will try the 2012 again in a couple of years, and agree there’s no point in opening a 2015 now. Thanks for helping me identify the mistake I made.

  • Snoman says:

    12/11/2017 2:01:00 PM - Hi WGDM. Thanks for the review comment on the're right, should have been posted on the Dirt Worshipper! Thanks so much for the catch, I was able to delete the original comment and repost for the correct wine. Was posting a batch of tasting notes and inventory adjustments, and went bleary-eyed in the process. Happy holidays!

  • davidandrose says:

    10/15/2017 7:33:00 AM - Happy Sunday DelMar! While there's so much we loved about our two stints in OC, the spirit that "you must think like we do, and we'll use your tax dollars to reinforce progressive POV's rather than do what gov't is supposed to do" is too much to bear. Was fortunate that my company relo'd its HQ and 4K employees in the name of sanity. Was also fortunate to live in Denver Metro for 9 years before our latest CA stint - great place to live and raise a family. While much of the state has retained its sanity, there are so many transplants moving into the Denver Metro that its "free spirit" benefits are quickly being diluted. Electoral College votes were for Hillary, State houses split red/blue, DC reps a near-even split as well. Just hope that Trump's oddities don't disrupt the last cycle's wake-up call that not everyone is comfortable with the current PC state. Not sure where the anti-orwellian state will be safe in the future....time will tell.

  • Burgundy Al says:

    10/11/2017 10:32:00 PM - Re Montelena 2007. While this is made in an Old World style (very successfully), it is still easily identifiable as from the New World when paired with an actual Old World wine.

  • csimm says:

    10/4/2017 8:50:00 AM - Great to hear about Outpost. Their wines take some time to come around, but when they out! Incredible. The 2015 True should be pretty spectacular I'm hoping.

  • csimm says:

    10/1/2017 8:59:00 AM - Glad the 2013 Kobalt is delivering as hoped. Its quality is pretty good, and the relative QPR isn't as bad as other Napa Cabs that don't delivery nearly as well.

  • csimm says:

    9/29/2017 10:26:00 PM - I saw your note on Kobalt. Very nice. Indeed it is a young, modern Cabernet. On another note, if you're looking to explore Mike Smith wines, Myriad is solid for sure, but Carter is at the apex of what he can create. The OG, LPV, and GTO from Carter are consistently outstanding. A superb balance between modern Napa Cabernet, and ultra refined fruit and quality craftsmanship. Just my 2 cents!

  • csimm says:

    9/29/2017 8:30:00 AM - Hi WineGuyDelMar. I hope the Quivet wines show well for you. The Kenefick and Pellet can be a little funky/fruity in their infancies, but they tend to smooth out over time. The Quivet LPV is the true star of the Quivet lineup in my opinion. Regarding Washington Syrah, I used to have quite a bit of Cayuse, Reynvaan, and Horsepower in my cellar. Syrah was my go-to varietal for a long time (from Cornas to Australia to California to WA). However, I found that Christophe Baron's wines all started to taste very similar to me. They were well-crafted to be sure, but they became more a unique curio than wines I found myself actually enjoying from a flavor standpoint. Additionally, and even more importantly, the hot brick, saline, and cured meat notes frequently overtook the core fruit flavors of what I wanted in a Syrah (I have CT notes posted on a few of Baron's wines). Every so often, I get a craving for the Cayuse wines, but I really have to be in the right mood. They are worth having in the cellar for comparison purposes if nothing else, but as you said, they are night/day compared to other Syrahs. There is nothing quite like them...and I'm not totally convinced that's a good thing. That's just my humble opinion. BTW, I found Reynvaan to just be ok - Cayuse is of better quality in my opinion. Overall, I've been in a Syrah "funk" (pardon the pun) lately, as many of the Syrahs I've been having have been good, but not especially memorable. A few SQNs have sparked some interest and I do enjoy Alban and Saxum. Bevan's Syrah is pretty killer as well.

  • MicklethePickle says:

    4/6/2017 7:46:00 PM - I think (fear) you are right.