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  • chatters says:

    8/3/2016 10:38:00 PM - Hey Andrew67, A general rule of thumb is 20 years of age minimum for Vintage Port. Having said that, the stuff from the 80's is drinking really well now - Langtons (as I'm sure you'll have seen) has quite a few 83's and 85's. From a producer perspective Warre's is considered by some a little obvious but I have no issue with that - I've enjoyed them a couple of times. I also like Taylors and Fonseca (though I haven't really had a lot of the latter). From a vintage perspective as you probably already know most port is 'declared' so the producers get together and all agree that it's a good vintage - there are usually 3-4 every decade. Within these declared vintages there is usually one that is a bit of a stunner - 94 was a great vintage for instance. Hmm, if you're going bargain hunting in the Vintage Port arena, when the vintage is not declared then most port houses will bottle up a vintage port but release it under a 'Quinta' name e.g. Taylors does a Quinta de Vargellas and Croft a Quinta de Roeda...Finally there is a chap called Richard Mayson who has written a cracking (though a little dense) book about Port called Port and the Duoro - you can probably find it second hand via Amazon/ebay but if you cna't find it and want to borrow a copy just let me know by return. Good luck and please let me know how you go, cheers, chatters PS be careful because loving port often leads into the wonderful world of vintage madeira which is exceedingly dangerously addictive as well!

  • chatters says:

    7/31/2016 2:27:00 AM - ha ha, thanks Andrew67, I shall wait but not with bated breath! I'm a sucker for port and fortified's in general...they also tend to be a reasonable bet at auction because they can stand a reasonable amount of brutality when it comes to storage. Oh, and my compliments on a superb Australian based cellar!! cheers and all the best, chatters.

  • BuzzzzOff says:

    7/9/2015 7:28:00 PM - Hi Andrew67: We appreciated the Goulee remarks. Let's see how it plays out. We have sipped fairly often over the years and feel it has a good shelf-life. Having said that, we have no problem sipping "barely legal" ;-)