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  • LiteItOnFire says:

    4/9/2024 9:05:00 AM - Mark- So very true. Come out to AZ and lets do it. You name the travel dates and we will make something happen. On a side note, here is one of the best wine programs in the country - there are some fun ones still to come - and on May 2nd Louis Latour will host a dinner.

  • markydecker says:

    1/28/2024 10:32:00 AM - I wish people would learn how to use CT before posting….

  • zimmy07 says:

    11/11/2022 5:44:00 PM - I have been talking about doing a 10 year complete vertical of Ridge MB, find a time to get to Austin and we can do it!

  • markydecker says:

    11/3/2022 3:53:00 PM - Hey LIOF! Tell me when and where and I’m in! Sounds like a blast…cheers

  • LiteItOnFire says:

    11/3/2022 3:39:00 PM - Mark- come out to AZ and pull corks. We do some pretty bada-s sh-t out here! four events on the books now for this year: -Chateau Ducru Beacaillou flying out for a 40 year vertical -Napa Cult Christopher Tyan flying out doing a 8 year vertical -VHR flying out doing a six-year vertical -Tying in a BMF bottle night alongside each one of those events which gets crazy

  • markydecker says:

    4/24/2019 7:22:00 PM - I like detailed tasting notes. I DO NOT like bullshit descriptors like “lightly bruised Bosc pear” or other such drivel. Let’s be real, people. That is all :) Cheers fellow wine lovers!

  • markydecker says:

    11/9/2018 5:09:00 PM - Thank you sir...much appreciated. Life is too short to drink Wagner wines :)

  • srh says:

    11/9/2018 4:45:00 PM - ROTFL re your Longs & Shorts. Would I be correct to assume no one with the surname Wagner is on your Holiday Invite list? ;) P.S. Your comments re brawn, balance, acidity, & Rieslings are right down my alley as well. :)