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  • wine strategies (TWP) says:

    6/4/2016 1:34:00 PM - Great notes, looks like you have some fun, I like it. If you're out this way, give me a shout. Tim

  • Corgoson says:

    11/21/2014 8:56:00 AM - Thanks. I do believe the ratings are pretty inflated these days. People want to be more political maybe? Then again, I am trying to use this site for book-keeping purpose; mainly for myself. So, my ratings are a reflection of my subjective taste. I am from Canada and I continue to find great wines from there. But there are also so many treasures out there...cheers

  • sequoiagrove says:

    10/4/2014 2:21:00 PM - Since you love arg. malbecs, have you tried Jean Bousquet's Malbec Grand Reserve? thats really awesome.

  • Ombibulous says:

    10/2/2014 7:39:00 AM - Favorite region: Champagne. Dream wine: Any Madeira alive during the days of the great general, Napoleon. Current interests include: Torrontés and especially Malbec from Mendoza; Barossa Shiraz; Sonoma; white Rhone wines; vintage Port; dry reds and dry whites from Portuguese grape varietals; and white wines from the Old Mission Peninsula (Michigan).