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  • 2000 Château Calon-Ségur

    Total Eclipse Wine. Decanted two hours.

    Past its peak. A rather fine nose of muted fruit and leather. Palate of faint fruit, leather and soil. Finish was 5 seconds, then gone without a whisper.

    Glad to have had this experience. All the heart and toil people put into crafting this light held together with moisture shouldn’t be so negated by someone like me who is passing judgement while I have a day job clicking a mouse and a wondering which past fork in the road I choose unwisely. So, while no <pause> moment for me, I felt lucky and good to have a taste of this.

    Also, the Total Eclipse was fucking awesome. The biblical awesome, not the present-day shadow of the word.

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  • 2020 Andremily Grenache

    A Total Eclipse Wine. Decanted five hours.

    I’ve been struggling with some New World Grenache. Preliminary evidence suggested I perhaps don’t like them too old. Hence my sacrifice of an infant at the altar of the Total Eclipse.

    Well, well made wine. Care went into this bottle. And, sigh, not for me. The previous Grenache SQNs I’ve had made me think that the bombastic style into which they so heavily lean was my problem. Andremily isn’t too far off (shouldn’t be shocked, me), but is more restrained. I’ve been going around and around, grasping for the correct language to convey what my issue is. (My lexicon isn’t big—novice here.) I think it’s that there’s no playfulness? No light, bright beam of joy? It’s Grenache made ponderous, and I’m not sure if I’m okay with that.

    Score withheld as I do not wish to taint the ratings pool. It’s a good wine, but not in my wheelhouse. I can’t be mad at that.

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  • 2019 Tua Rita Giusto di Notri Toscana IGT

    Waited a whole stinkin’ year to have another bottle. I should have waited the two I recommended. This was great, though.

    Decanted for 4 hours. The tannins are more resolved, but I’d like them even more so. Those walnuts and berries are there still, too. Just a little bit more time. Perhaps the year that I freaking recommended to myself? See you in 2025, next bottle!

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