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  • sweetstuff says:

    11/10/2017 6:47:00 AM - Nick, just been in email contact with Castell'sches and they state there were two entirely different Schlossberg Eisweine in 1983 in the Casteller Schlossberg. Those packaged in half-bottles (AP 24 84) were distributed in Europe. The full-bottles (AP 44 84) were sold in the United States and had higher residual sugar than the other. The harvest was accomplished by several daily tries in the Steigerwalt vineyard named; I assume that the harvest sugars of various lots differed by temperature. Records were consulted and remembrances of the then vineyard workers too. Info: Carola Kemmer at the estate office. This was the largest known Eiswein harvest at this estate--1800 liters! You may want to move the tasting notes as appropriate-there are two monographs. John Trombley AKA Sweetstuff

  • Soteriologist says:

    1/13/2016 9:31:00 AM - Discovered you via your TN to the 2011 Anniversario 62 Primitivo by Feudi di San Marzano. Please keep up the good work of relating your life span expectations for a wine, a notoriously difficult subject better left to very experienced connoisseurs !

  • StefanAkiko says:

    5/7/2014 11:57:00 AM - Love your sentiment, passion and TN's. Hope you can join us in London the next time I pass through.