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  • 2010 Château du Tertre

    First bottle from an en primeur purchase. Pnp. Black cherry color in the glass. Good aromatics on opening with creme de cassis, tobacco, and fainter clove, cedar, and anise. On the entry this has tannin that builds in chewiness the first ten seconds or so before turning toward a chalky, briar, and cassis stained mid palate. The acidity and finish were somewhat hollow.

    This glass was consumed after a 2010 d’Angludet. By comparison I found the Angludet possessing more vigor and persistence. This has a slight edge in terms of elegance but the sturdiness and diversity of the Angludet was more appealing to me.

    I would drink this wine by 2025.

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  • 2010 Château d'Angludet

    First bottle from an en primeur purchase. Pnp. A dark plum color in the glass with no bricking evident. Very generous aromatics with immediately predominant creme de cassis, plums, sandalwood, cloves, a dusting of cocoa powder, and background notes of leather. On the attack this has chewy tannins that thrust ahead with a dark espresso dusted with cocoa. In the mid palate this changes course with plum and cassis before coasting into the finish with dried tarragon. Good persistence on the finish with a savory chewiness that lingers without being obtrusive.

    This does not possess a silky elegance. It is more of a sturdy gridiron effort, but it works well for what it has to offer. Acceptable acidity gives this a decent balance overall, but I question whether this will maintain freshness beyond 2028.

    My view is this is in a prime drinking window now though 2025, with maturity extending through 2028.

    This was consumed before a 2010 Chateau du Tertre. I found the d’Angludet preferable comparing the two head to head.

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  • 2005 Dönnhoff Norheimer Dellchen Riesling Spätlese

    Poured two bottles for Thanksgiving dinner. Consistent notes from both. Aromatically this is very generous with petrol, burnt matches, pear, quince, and honey. Two tasters also picked up dust/old books. On the palate this has a light bodied mouthfeel with acidity that is starting to fade relative to a bottle three years ago. On the palate this starts with pear and quince, with lychee and a light lemon note with a honey conclusion. Medium finish that is a mixture of lemon and pear.

    Solid overall. Our last bottles. Given the acidity this was a good time to consume.

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  • WineGuyDelMar says:

    10/31/2020 10:52:00 AM - Thanks for the tip on JJ Buckley but have been using them for years. My Rep is Kevin Johnson. I’ll add your email to my contacts so we can stay in touch and maybe drink some wine sometime.

  • WineGuyDelMar says:

    10/31/2020 8:07:00 AM - I head up to the Total Wine & More close to you from time to time. We left San Diego because of traffic & cost. We don’t head North much because of traffic, people. Monument is very manageable. We are fine as long as we stay close. Just pulled out duck breast and there will be Burgundy tonight. Have a great weekend and enjoy the warm weather while we can.

  • WineGuyDelMar says:

    10/30/2020 7:48:00 AM - Thanks for your message. I will check out K&L. I buy from them occasionally. Divide is great, we hike there all the time and camp at Lake George & Tarryall. What part of Denver you live now? You can always build a cellar. Moving Wine is a pain. I have two coolers, one 286 bottles and one 60 both full. I have a 7’x7’ storage room in basement I think of building a walk in cellar. I’d rather spend the money buying wine.

  • WineGuyDelMar says:

    10/29/2020 8:50:00 PM - I love your wine cellar composition. Similar to mine with a nice mix of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Northern Rhone & Italian. I have some CA Cabs that I still enjoy but as time goes on my Bordeaux percentage will increase. Where did you find the 2015 Artaud VisneRomanee Aux Reas. Love Aux Reas. I am down in Monument. Take care.

  • chatters says:

    10/20/2020 4:01:00 PM - re the Cote Rotie notes - thank you very much, that is very kind of you, cheers, chatters

  • wineshaman says:

    1/7/2015 5:14:00 AM - Totaly agree, wine is subjective, that is what makes it so interesting, variety is the spice of life and that includes wine.

  • Bam_Man says:

    11/15/2014 9:19:00 AM - I have tasted the 2004 Carlina La Togata Brunello twice. You can find my notes from 2/2012 and 10/2013. Not overly impressed with this wine. The first bottle may have been "cooked", the last one was much better but still not even close to a 95 pointer (WS - Suckling).

  • Bam_Man says:

    10/25/2014 7:43:00 AM - We seem to be of the same opinion when it comes to J. Suckling's ratings over the past several years. He appears to have gone completely off the rails sometime around 2007-8. But there's no need to worry about your 2004 Poggio il Castellare Brunello - that's one of the best I've ever tasted - just be sure to give it a good 1-2 hours of air time. The first 2004 La Togata I tasted in back in 2012 was a huge disappointment. Might have been a bad bottle or from a batch that got cooked in transit. The one I had around a year ago was quite a bit better, but still not close to being a 95-pointer. Hope yours is! Cheers!