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  • macaujames says:

    5/30/2024 11:47:00 PM - The 2019 Lilian Ladouys is a spectacular 92 for such a young wine. Its a great score. Its a bit unformed but good with Carnivore food and Purple teeth too!

  • wineotim says:

    1/3/2024 9:31:00 AM - Thanks for the reply PT. Hopefully we'll talk next month.

  • BellevuePhil says:

    7/26/2023 8:59:00 AM - Thanks brother for the note dear brother! I hope this note finds you in good spirits and not too swamped with the troubles of the present day! Oh, how I long for the simpler times of the past, especially the enchanting era of 1690's France! As you know, I have an insatiable love for old Bordeaux, but lately, it seems like I've been drowning in the sea of modernity, desperately seeking a time machine to whisk me away to the land of powdered wigs and sumptuous feasts! Can you imagine the look on people's faces if I were to suddenly appear in my best 1690's French attire, complete with a magnificent powdered wig? They'd probably mistake me for a lost time traveler or a fancy-dress enthusiast who took a wrong turn! But oh, how I'd adore swirling my wineglass with a flourish and exclaiming, "Ah, this Bordeaux is as delightful as a masquerade ball in the Palace of Versailles!" In the present time, people seem so engrossed with smartphones and social media, while I yearn for the days when courtship was as poetic as a Molière play, and a simple "je t'aime" could make hearts flutter like doves taking flight. If only I could stroll through the gardens of yore, fanning myself dramatically and engaging in witty banter with dashing nobles and charming courtesans! But fear not, my dear friend, for I shall not abandon the joys of our friendship in pursuit of the past. Instead, let us raise our glasses together, whether physically or virtually, and toast to the timeless pleasures of old Bordeaux and the delightful escapades of the 1690s. Who knows, with enough glasses of this fine vintage, we might just find a wormhole back in time! Until then, let's make the most of the present, navigating through this bewildering age with laughter and mirth. But when we meet next, do remind me to regale you with the tales of my dreams of 1690's France. You'll be amused, I promise! With whimsical affection, Phil of Bellevue (love the empty bottles, do they each hold a memory)

  • macaujames says:

    2/28/2023 11:22:00 AM - PT: I hear with the Chantegrive its a lovely well made easy drinking Graves. I visited the Chateau about 25 years ago at the Portes Ouvertes and was charmed by the owners and the lovely wines.

  • rthpal says:

    5/18/2022 5:17:00 PM - Purple Tooth, you would be very welcome. I actually live in Montecito. My Goleta friend and I initially score wines on average a little less than Antonio Galloni, but usually we score about the same a little later. Then it depends on how the wines develop.

  • Beeck10 says:

    5/1/2022 12:11:00 PM - Thx Purple T, appreciated !

  • Motz says:

    2/23/2022 9:01:00 AM - Just entered a note on the 2019 Château Haut Beyzac, a Grocery Outlet purchase of excellent substance and balance.

  • rthpal says:

    2/15/2022 2:48:00 AM - I am really glad to be friends with you, Purple Tooth, and like your comments. All the best, Rthpal.

  • rthpal says:

    1/13/2022 8:56:00 AM - Many thanks, Purple Tooth. After reading your comments and those of others I think I will order a case of the 2019, though it will be hard to squeeze in. gratefulbbq (not acceoting public messages) asked if I had 100+ bottles of the 2018. I have 105 at present.

  • macaujames says:

    12/31/2021 5:22:00 AM - Happy New Year 2022 PT! I think the Fieuzal 2015 is a good buy.

  • rthpal says:

    11/14/2021 7:55:00 PM - Thanks, purple tooth. It is the advanced ages of my wife and me that makes us want the wines to mature a bit more quickly. So far we have noticed no ill effects from the approx. 72 degrees F., and the red wines do mature a bit more quickly than at lower temps.

  • Mhbeaune says:

    11/14/2021 9:27:00 AM - Great tasting note. Also too many Barolo’s IMO are a complete miss for the price.

  • Motz says:

    6/25/2021 6:18:00 AM - FYI...there is an interesting, recently restarted discussion thread on Wineotim's note for the 2016 Cos d'Estournel, which he wrote late last year. Thought you might be interested. Cheers, PT!

  • Doubleten says:

    3/24/2021 5:09:00 PM - Thanks for the kind remarks Purple Tooth. First time trying either the 1996 Opus or the LLC. Still learning about aged wines, mostly through trial and error. Hoping to count on more experienced CT members as a source. All the best.

  • Motz says:

    3/3/2021 4:30:00 PM - PT: I just entered a note on the 2015 Lafite. Highly disappointing. Cheers!

  • Motz says:

    1/26/2021 6:51:00 AM - Mornin' PT! I can heartily recommend the 2017 Giscours. Traditional and lovely.

  • macaujames says:

    1/1/2021 9:57:00 AM - Ditto Motz. Happy New Year PT!!!

  • Motz says:

    12/31/2020 2:03:00 PM - A hearty toast to: "Just shut up and drink!" Happy New Year PT!

  • Motz says:

    12/16/2020 7:23:00 AM - Mornin' PT! I found a great, traditionally styled Bordeaux at Costco in eastern WA. 2015 Chateau Villambis. Worth seeking out.

  • macaujames says:

    12/9/2020 10:04:00 AM - Dear PT La Lagune is from Ludon Medoc which is the next village to Macau. I have not had it since the 2006 but I agree it is an affordable, elegant and tasty Cru Classe. I must try it again! I also rate Cantemerle in good vintages. Best wishes from France! Stay safe!

  • Motz says:

    6/2/2020 5:50:00 PM - Just wrote a short treatise on Bordeaux in response to a community member's request regarding my recent note on the 2014 d'Armailhac.

  • macaujames says:

    5/14/2020 11:53:00 AM - Thanks for your advice! I will see if I can get the Grigio in 11 or 13. The Carpineto 16 will be much easier to get here!

  • macaujames says:

    3/27/2020 10:44:00 AM - Macau France.

  • macaujames says:

    2/29/2020 11:54:00 PM - Let me know about the Carpineto Riserva when you have had it. Very Bordeaux like. Even as much as the Senejac 2015 I have been drinking recently.

  • macaujames says:

    12/15/2019 12:03:00 PM - Your review of the Vega Sicilia Unico 2006 is amazing. I've had the Alion+Pintia before. But this is at first growth level!

  • WineAggregate says:

    10/5/2018 5:01:00 PM - You found a case of '94 La Jota? Where???

  • UFGators says:

    8/27/2018 6:16:00 PM - Thanks for your comment on my 2005 Brannon. This is why I love this community. I am relatively new to the wine world but I have learned a ton from those here.

  • bestdamncab says:

    10/27/2017 7:38:00 PM - Thank you for the Comment-it is the 1983 Chateau Gruaud Larose.

  • bestdamncab says:

    1/19/2017 12:36:00 AM - I have tasted Chateau Meyney all the way back to 1975 and visited the chateau once. The wine does the best with what it is for 31 vintages, many other classified growths failed that test.

  • shawnh says:

    4/17/2016 5:20:00 PM - Thanks for the comment. I will try some haut Bailly. Not got much experience with Pessac wines but if we have a similar palate it will be worth a try...

  • robertdtwo says:

    1/25/2016 6:04:00 PM - Purple Tooth, thank you for rising from the background and commenting on my 06 Montrose TN. So no one has to go back & look, I was whining like an impatient 7-year-old waiting for Santa's arrival on Christmas, and PT here told me what I needed to hear...sometimes you need to wait to get your reward. While deep in my wino heart, I already know that, for some reason, my first Montrose purchase displayed my occasional trait of restlessness. PT, you coulda' just called me out as an ass, which woulda' been totally fair, but instead you chose to lead me down the right path, and I publicly thank you for it. We'll probably never meet, but I get the feeling from reading your stuff that we'd bond pretty quickly over the first couple of brag bottles we threw at each other... If you're ever in St. Louis, let me know. I'd love to test my theory. Cheers!

  • Vietty says:

    4/14/2015 7:18:00 AM - I agree, Fullerton is great. I went here for Optometry school and ended up staying here. I don't drink much beer nowadays but I'll have to check up Hero's next time I get a chance.

  • Purple Tooth says:

    9/10/2014 11:01:00 AM - You intrigued me enough to go! Made arrangements with KN to meet next month at cellar. Going to Paso for aged wine? Seems so far fetched and unorthodox, what a great journey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge oldwines!

  • oldwines says:

    9/9/2014 9:04:00 PM - You should visit Nichols up in Paso Robles. Keith Nichols spent more than an hour on the phone with me over 2 days. Its amazing how many different bottlings and varieties he makes, But the one I have had so far was striking and I have no idea how I got it. Am getting some more to taste his different wines. I like his philosophy but have no idea how he can execute what he does. The one I had I think is the least expensive one he makes but it was very Burgundian in style but with a little more fruit, yet having lots of finesse. He apparently holds his wines and doesn't sell many until they are 10 years old or more. Cheers!

  • oldwines says:

    8/24/2014 7:13:00 AM - Thanks for the comment...I've had the 1986 Palmer since release in my cellar and was amazed how youthful it was last night. Nice pic yourself, love the 1970 ports. You can tell from my handle and my notes, I almost never drink wines less than 10 years old except to decide if I want to buy. Check out my note about Nichols Pinot noir last night. I've never had before but they are in Paso Robles I believe and worth a visit in my book. I was just in Cali 10 days ago and wish I had gone to see them...