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  • 1967 Gg Henninger Kallstadter Steinacker Riesling Auslese

    Clear, golden brown color; roasted walnuts, dry apricots and orange with a hint of roasted walnuts on the nose. Smooth viscous apricot and citrus with understated sweetness with a perfect balance of acid. A big, wonderful mouth-feel hung in there for close to a minute. i kid you not! If I tasted this blind I would bet money it was a 1967 'Yquem. One sip and I felt transported back in time remembering that last case of 1967 'Yquem that was drinking so nicely the first seven or eight years of this century. Six of us shared this bottle and it went quick; it went down so easy we could have sat there all night drinking the stuff. My last bottle of three (see Mr. Jenning's notes above—Richard, I wish you could have tasted this one).
    When I pulled it out of the rack I hesitated wondering if this wine was going to be drinkable. And it felt a little sticky around the bottom of the capsule; not a good sign. Little did I know that this bottle would be among my top-ten wines ever over the last 30+ years... A 50 year old Auslese!?!

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  • 2008 Sandler Wine Company Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

    Toward the end of a New Year's Eve party. I wasn't taking notes but I remember previous bottles being very good. I do remember that every person at the NYE party thought it was #2 or #3 out of nine Pinots that night (the competition were some very good wines - #1was the Cirq).

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  • 2011 Cirq Pinot Noir TreeHouse

    Decanted for 1½ hours.
    Okay... 100 points doesn't mean perfect because I believe that there is no such thing as "Perfect". I do think it means it is as good as it gets! I did have one bad thing to say about it but you'll have to read this whole thing to find out what it is.

    If you're a fan of Michael Browne's Pinots (I am and have tasted every KB made through 2011) you've got to get this bottle. IMHO this is the finest Pinot Michael has ever made! It is definitely one of the best California Pinots I've ever had in more than 25 years of "serious" wine tasting! Huge aromas of sweet, ripe red fruits. But in the mouth the fruit was not at all overwhelmingly sweet and ripe. The rainbow of fruits that where there were really subtle; so much in fact that I found myself picking up one or two of the different fruits in every mouthful. The fruits, subtle as they were, would explode around my tastebuds; real excitement in every sip! I thought the balance was perfect too with just the right amount of acid to make this absolutely great with a good steak or piece of lamb. Medium to big mouthfeel/texture and a finish approaching 90 seconds. If I were to say something bad about this wine it would be that that it was so savory it took twice as long as we expected to get through the main entrée. The next course was ready way before we were ready for it. I suggest you plan your meal with that in mind. I truly thought this wine was as close to perfect as you can get and look forward to the next bottle with great anticipation and excitement.

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