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  • 2021 Oyster Bay Chardonnay

    13% alcohol; imported by Delegat USA Inc, San Francisco, California; screw top, no aroma; long legs, 12K gold; nose of extra sharp, aged cheddar, maybe a trace of licorice entangled with slightly bitter fruit; tasted at 12 degrees C in a Riedel glass designed for white wines; this full-bodied wine is downright salty with some pepper mixed in, slight effervescence, sourness, bitterness and fruitiness intertwined; medium finish reminiscent of low-sugar apple pie with maybe some stone fruit, like peaches, mixed in; an unexpected mixture of flavors with good promise in future vintages; pair with seafood, especially cold-water oil-rich fish like line-caught Pacific Coho salmon

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  • 2022 Viña Santa Rita Sauvignon Blanc 120 Reserva Especial

    12.5% alcohol; imported by Santa Rita USA Corp, San Antonio, Texas; screw top, aroma of well-worn metal covered with cleaner that hasn't been washed off, and/or with fruit that is well past its time; long legs, 14K gold; nose of overripe fruit with some bitterness in the background; tasted at 20 degrees C; medium to full bodied with overripe citrus fruit and minerals injected with a mildly bitter background and a finish which disappears off the back of the tongue; reviewer Omar Khayyam's idea of a lab alteration might well explain the bizarre result, like a wine that started as mineral water and was progressively altered in the lab to appeal to a wider audience but really ended up having little character of its own; in such an innocuous state the wine might pair with almost anything but the subtle bitterness really ruins any enjoyment of your meal

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  • 2022 Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin

    12.5% alcohol; imported by Winebow Inc, New York City; screw top, aroma of generic sweetness and some overripe fruit behind it, possibly kiwi and gooseberry; long legs, pale 8K gold, opened and tasted 10 minutes later at 12 degrees C in a Lucas & Lewellen glass designed for whites and some reds; nose of the fruits growing in Aladdin's Garden; full bodied, a little Strudel (effervescence) tickling the tongue; in addition to the kiwi and gooseberry, presence of grapefruit, and maybe some stone fruits like peaches, on a less sweet, more serious background of minerality, touches of sourness and bitterness; not straightforward at all but an unexpected, well-crafted me'lange of complementary flavors; long finish lingers on the back of the tongue; pair with cheeses (Gruye`re, Port du Salut, Limburger) and seafood, like line-caught Pacific Coho salmon, prepared on pecan boards over a charcoal or gas grill

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