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  • DrBad says:

    12/3/2019 2:35:00 PM - Hey Mark - I'm in Clearwater for a couple of days but no time on this trip to hang around, bummer. Will be back in the swing / early summer and should have more advanced warning so will try to schedule a few extra days to visit my Mom and meet you and HMC.

  • michigan dogs says:

    11/22/2019 9:02:00 AM - Mark, I've never had a bad bottle of Carlisle, however I opened a really expensive barolo (for me $250) that was really corked. Now that hurt. I noticed that you only own zins from Carlisle, I actually prefer their Syrah's and the aged petite sirah's can be quite tasty. I also recently received 2 cabs from Carlisle and noticed that the drinking window starts! in 2029, now that is really optimistic for me given my age, oh well, I'll never drink all my wine anyway.

  • melzar says:

    11/20/2019 4:22:00 AM - What a treat to have lunch at Cape Clement. Was in Bordeaux last May. Had lunch at Carbonnieux. My son tried to set up a visit to Haut Bailly, but Union des Grand Crus de Bordeaux weekend got in the way. Love Graves in general. What other vintages of Pape Clement do you like? (I'm 74, and not too interested in buying wine I won't live to drink)

  • Nobetts says:

    11/19/2019 7:29:00 PM - thanks Mark for your comment on the 2010 Château Malescot St. Exupéry. I liked it so much I picked up 3 more 2010 and 3 2016. Chris (Nobetts)

  • melzar says:

    10/30/2019 5:47:00 AM - Thanks for your comment. I think Pape Clement blows away the more hyped Cos.

  • DrBad says:

    10/18/2019 6:48:00 AM - Hey Mark - Honeywell is behind on contract and review has been pushed back to early December so no Fl trip for me in early November.

  • Vinomazing says:

    9/26/2019 6:01:00 PM - In case your up visiting bro 10/28/19 there is a ridiculous annual tasting event.

  • Vinomazing says:

    8/11/2019 12:34:00 PM - Sounds like the perfect way to end or begin the week...enjoy a night of relax!

  • Vinomazing says:

    8/11/2019 12:09:00 PM - Over here we just back from annual beach vacation week, drank and cooked like it is the only time all year to do so! What's cooking with you?

  • Vinomazing says:

    8/11/2019 12:01:00 PM - Good Sunday to you Mark!

  • melzar says:

    8/10/2019 7:48:00 AM - DearMark1npt, I only gave it an hour. Perhaps I should give it more, but the '89 La Lagune out performed it with similar treatment. The entire table agreed.

  • TastesGoodToMe says:

    8/6/2019 9:46:00 AM - Looks like we do have similar tastes. I enjoy your tasting notes.

  • michigan dogs says:

    7/26/2019 6:23:00 AM - Mark, I drank a 16 Quivet napa cab, unbelievable and drinking at it's peak. You and I are both fans of letting Quivet cabs age, but this is a big exception. I still own my single vintage ones, but can't believe they will be any better than this base cab.

  • ScottHaller says:

    7/1/2019 11:31:00 PM - Hi Mark - I've tried a few of my other '16 Turleys earlier this spring (Estate, Buck Cobb, Bedrock, Kirchenmann, Rattlesnake Ridge) and they were all good but still too young - if you hold any of these wait until 2020. Cheers! Scott

  • XLNTMOMMY says:

    6/1/2019 10:10:00 PM - hi mark .. no way to privately message you that I can see but I signed into my old acct just to tell you that I hav a 120 bottle cooling unit .. I am across the state from you in palm beach county and dont throw away those caymus ! what vintage are they and if youd like,I hav a ton of Bordx (even 03 n 05!) and we can trade if youd like .. ! LMK .. !

  • Plabella says:

    5/11/2019 8:48:00 AM - Mark I forgot to add that I have recently acquired the Wines of Mark Aubert which take a back seat none.

  • Plabella says:

    5/11/2019 8:45:00 AM - Hi Mark I love your passion for CA wines and the powerful fruit they deliver. I love the understated wines of Bordeaux especially Pichon Lalande & Pichon Baron.

  • Tony Poli says:

    3/19/2019 12:42:00 PM - Mark1npt: Thanks for noticing my note on the "09 and '10 Léoville Poyferre. Our weekly tasting group put quite a selection on the table for Classified Bordeaux, including an 05 Pontet-Canet, an 03 Pichon Longueville, and a really interesting 1983 Talbot. Rosalie and I were just trying to keep up. These French guys from Bordeaux seem to really know how to make wine...

  • bestdamncab says:

    3/13/2019 9:06:00 PM - Hello any comments on the Zin TN posted-also-look at this:

  • bestdamncab says:

    3/10/2019 7:09:00 AM - @004 Benedetto tasting note loaded this morning. Enjoy.

  • Mark1npt says:

    2/12/2019 9:22:00 AM - jviz, I wasn't a BDX guy til '17 when we did a trip there with Jean-Noel Fourmeaux the owner of VGS/Chateau Potelle in Napa. The trip of a lifetime and the wine of a lifetime also. Still trying to work my wife into it, she is purely a Napa junkie. Have had some '15 and '16 Carters, they are all different yet all good in their own ways. Some like Gran Daddy need more time, Weitz and Three Kings are smokin' right now but of course will go years, too. I got some of Mike's syrahs last year for the first time and haven't sampled yet. I see his new release is open today but I'm not a very big syrah guy so may pass this year. I find as years go by I drink less and less of them, don't know why? Love all of Mike's cabs......Best to you! Mark

  • jviz says:

    2/12/2019 8:57:00 AM - Agreed! You have a great selection of Bordeaux for a California enthusiast. Seems like we source from a number of the same places, and I've seen your helpful notes before as well. Have you had any of the Carter cabs or Myriad/Quivet syrahs? I think those places are where Mike's hand shows the very best. Cheers and happy drinking!

  • eschaefer says:

    2/4/2019 8:22:00 AM - Thanks for the note re: 2009 Poyferre.

  • bestdamncab says:

    2/1/2019 7:49:00 AM - The 2009 Benedetto is waiting for a Super Bowl Invitation. thanks for the update.

  • paulst says:

    1/11/2019 7:50:00 AM - Hi Mark1npt: I am also in the Naples area. We should drink some wine together. paulst

  • Cspeier says:

    11/23/2018 4:26:00 AM - Hi Mark- Thanks for your "bottom of the barrel" note....Myriad, Quivet, Venge, was quite a good night. Looks like we have some overlapping interests! Sent a friend invite :)

  • sean7711 says:

    11/18/2018 6:49:00 PM - Mark, terribly sorry on the delayed repsonse on my message board. But thanks for welcoming me! Where in the Philly area are you from? Smart decision to move to Florida for sure! Looking forward to more of your tasting notes.

  • Mark1npt says:

    10/31/2018 7:42:00 PM - No bdc, I haven't. Been down with some broken ribs so not having much wine these days. Too many other painkillers to take! Will let you know when it happens.....Mark

  • bestdamncab says:

    10/31/2018 7:13:00 AM - Did you open the 2009 Benedetto?

  • fingers says:

    9/26/2018 4:10:00 PM - Despite our longitudinal difference, a good tasting note is a good tasting note ;)

  • whitmanlholt says:

    8/20/2018 7:03:00 AM - Thanks for your comments and glad my 2011 Dominus note was helpful. I haven’t been to BDX but have been meaning to go. I am sure it is a great trip. Cheers!

  • WineBurrowingWombat says:

    8/19/2018 12:22:00 AM - Oh, god bless!.. you must be well off my friend! I only have a wine fridge and had to swap out some wines so I can put in the Sassicaia to store away safely for a few years.. I don't have kids but I imagine this is what it's like to pick favorites, please don't just me lol!

  • Mark1npt says:

    8/17/2018 9:31:00 PM - lol wombat!....I have no pics because I haven't technically built the room yet! 3 large chillers holding 150 bottles each, a wall rack with another 200 and about 300 bottles in boxes pushed under the pool table in the center of the room......hoping to close in the room soon get rid of the chillers and pool table and make it a decent refrigerated tasting space......

  • WineBurrowingWombat says:

    8/17/2018 9:25:00 PM - Might be weird but do you have a photo of your wine cellar? Real curious

  • bestdamncab says:

    7/21/2018 10:23:00 AM - Glad you liked the Stone Cote Vineyard Chardonnay-you might want to try the Miner single Vineyard Chardonnays and Wild Yeast Chardonnay.

  • acheng says:

    6/23/2018 8:24:00 PM - Thanks for the comment regarding the 03 Pontet. I am sure the 6 bottles you got will only get better and repay much dividends.

  • davidandrose says:

    5/28/2018 8:47:00 PM - Thanks for your comment on the DP. Agree that its one of the better QPRs in Napa, with Lewelling probably topping the list. Funny how the Behrens (now Erna Schein) wines used to be reasonable, now I can't justify any of their prices or figure out what to buy with so many offerings, so I don't buy anything as a result. Les' wife makes one wine, prices it well (even after a few price hikes the last 2 years) and I'm in for a case every year and have turned many others on to this as well. Go figure, there IS some measure of economics even in wine!

  • MicklethePickle says:

    5/17/2018 11:31:00 AM - Thanks for the comment on the A-O. I share your outlook on life...and A-O. Happy wine trails to you.

  • Mark1npt says:

    1/24/2018 7:52:00 PM - Wow! It was during a Silver Oak tour that I was mis-informed! I have seen the FA building being rebuilt and upgraded for a few years. They stated FA was moving out and Orin Swift was moving in. I guess the rumor mill is not all that accurate in Napa! I've seen St. Clement going downhill for quite a while. Not surprised they might be going under! ps...I am a Mountain Wine club member, loyal Mt. Brave and La Jota drinker. Really enjoy the Zena Crown pinot as well.

  • vegasoenophile says:

    1/24/2018 6:23:00 PM - Mark1npt- Someone misinformed you. Freemark Abbey was just painstakingly restored and is very much there to stay. St, Clement across the street a bit, did close and is, I believe, becoming Orin Swift. Anyhow, do let me know if you need any insight on La Jota, etc. Cheers!

  • Mark1npt says:

    1/12/2018 10:38:00 AM - Not familiar with the L'Enclos, Jake. Will have to check it out but if you can find some Chateau Bellevue (St. Emilion) at $50-60 (not Bellevue Mendotte it is too pricey) it is worth it. Made and owned by the same guys who do Angelus at $350/bottle. Literally right across the driveway from eachother. Look for a 2009 if possible. The Sociando Mallet can be had from $35 to 60 a bottle depending on year. But one of the wines Parker would by for his own cellar every year. In a few of his notes, he still can't understand why it hasn't been classified by the French Government. Great bang for the buck. Cheers!

  • MyWine2009 says:

    1/12/2018 9:52:00 AM - Mark - thanks for your note. I guess I was expecting great things from the '05 Haut Bailly. I think you're right - it may be on its last legs. I felt about it like I do most OR PNs - they taste watered down without the extraction of fruit and flavor profile. I wasn't expecting a Cali cab, but wanted to enjoy the mastery of the BDX blend, getting both cab and merlot nuances. It wasn't a bad bottle, just fell grossly short of my expectations for the price point. I did just find a value BDX that was more of what I was looking for, the 2009 Château Quinault L'Enclos. Picked it up for $40. I guess my bottom line is anything above $150 has to beat my Insignias or it's not worth it! I will check out your other notes and recommendations. Haven't given up yet! Thanks and cheers~

  • Mark1npt says:

    1/11/2018 1:27:00 PM - Hi Jake, Happy New Year to you and yours! Sorry to hear of your BDX struggles but I completely understand them. I have not had the L'Evangile, Branon or Valladraud. Thus far I have been sticking mostly to what we had during our BDX tour back in Sept. Unfortunately, it is all quite pricey. I used to be a $100 a bottle once a year kind of guy but now you can blow $1-200/night if you have it. Easy. I had a great '03 Leoville Poyferre the other night but at $135/bottle most people can't drink it every night. I'm disappointed your '05 Haut Bailly didn't work out. I had a second of my case a few weeks ago and it was good. The '03 I had the other night, not so much, it is definitely near it's end and not near as flavorful. The '05 to me was not a big bold Napa cab but a very refined, balanced wine with great fruit, still not a Cali fruit bomb though. As I mentioned previously the more affordable Chateau Bellevue (St. Emilion) post 2007 at $50-60 and Sociando Mallet post 2001 in same price range are great deals. Check Parker for the best years. He and Neal Martin (his appointed French successor) often disagree but I have found Parker to be more accurate. As you can imagine the big issue with the BDX is the provenance/care the wine has had since it was made, stored and transported. Perhaps you just got a poorly cared for bottle? As for the BDX and decanting, I have yet to come across BDX that I can just PnP, like I do with the majority of my Cali wines. I never fully understood why that was so until the trip back in Sept where it all made sense regarding weather, terrior, cellar practices, etc. I would say on average my BDX from '96 to '11 that I've drunk so far sit for at least an hour after opening and most of them are better at 2 hours. A recent '03 Clos Fourtet smelled of pine tar on opening, fruit emerged after a couple hours. I let some sit for 6-8 hours and it was undrinkable. It was a marginally bad bottle but I wanted to see what it did over some time. Unfortunately, time can't save a bad wine. I've been very fortunate so far to only have a couple of bottle of BDX which were bad for one reason or another. I hear from more experienced people, that it is quite common and to expect it. What I've found more prevalent is the vast taste/flavor/mouthfeel profiles that vary so much throughout BDX. It is no different than the various Napa appellations and the tastes they bring to the table but in some ways they are just a bit stranger to my palate and I'm still trying to learn what wines not to waste my money on. Mark

  • MyWine2009 says:

    1/11/2018 12:40:00 PM - Hi Mark, and Happy New Year! I've been struggling with my Bordeaux collection. I've opened some really good bottles and have been really disappointed. The Haut-Bailly 2005 was a big flop. The 2000 Chateau Branon was just average. The 2004 L'Evangile was disappointing. The general tasting notes on these are "watered down, no amazing profile." So far my fav BDX is the $50 Virginie Valladraud. I'm more of a PnP kinda guy but I've been giving these a proper decant. I feel I'm missing the boat so any tips or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks Mark!

  • Mark1npt says:

    12/7/2017 6:25:00 AM - Hi Jake, congrats on the '05! It is drinking very well right now. A really classy wine. I generally wait for 2 weeks before drinking, but I've made exceptions for 1 week before and I don't know that it's made much difference. It just seems to be the accepted norm in the wine world. I had about 40 bottles come in yesterday myself. 2001-2014, various chateau. I do not have anymore room in my chillers, so I just left them in the styrofoam insert shipping boxes and laid them on their sides under my pool table. I plan on pulling one a week out at least for the next few months. I'll be looking for your reviews of your new BDX bottles! Interested to hear which ones hit your taste profile and what you think of the different vintages. Cheers!

  • MyWine2009 says:

    12/7/2017 6:17:00 AM - Hi Mark - thanks for your note on the 2005 Haut Bailly. I just took delivery of two bottles yesterday and can't wait to try one. What is your recommendation for laying down period after bottles are shipped? Two weeks? I know the 2005s are drinking now, would you say I would be safe to open one later this month? I've gone from 0 bottles of BDX to 20 bottles (including 10 of the high-end) in the last month. I'm really excited about these gems! Cheers~

  • Mark1npt says:

    12/6/2017 8:19:00 PM - thalver, thanks for your input. I have loved the way the '10 has evolved. Love the depth, the soft, round, smooth feeling of it. I agree with you that it will go a while longer. My only question is how long? 2 years? 3 years? 5 years? I don't want to hold my last one too long, only to find out it's not as good! How depressing that would be!

  • thalver says:

    12/6/2017 8:15:00 PM - re your comment about 2010 Tensley Colson Canyon going longer: I'm confident this can go a good bit longer. Of course, it depends on what amount of tertiary flavor development you like in your wine. In the past year, I've drunk a 2005 and a 2007. In neither case was it my sense that those bottles were anywhere near the end of the line. I have a recollection of one of the critics doing a vertical tasting of this wine {wine Advocate maybe?} If memory serves, they stood up well and even showed development after more than a decade.

  • Mark1npt says:

    12/6/2017 6:44:00 PM - Hey Tim, finished that bottle of Chilean cab tonight. Review is posted!

  • wineotim says:

    12/6/2017 3:15:00 PM - I will watch for your review....please post.

  • Mark1npt says:

    12/6/2017 9:07:00 AM - Tim, I have seen them, but never had any. Will try. I recently bought a 4 pack of Chilean cab via wineaccess that was pushed heavily because of the 3 or 4 legendary French winemakers who banded together down there to make it. I think one of them was the recently departed ch. Margaux winemaker of many years. It's ok, not Cali fruit, not French fruit, just different. Not sure I like it. I coravined half a bottle and going to try the other half this weekend giving it more air. If it fails again, my staff gets it in their stockings for Christmas!

  • wineotim says:

    12/6/2017 8:46:00 AM - Check out Don Melchor Cabs if you haven't already. I am not one to lean towared S. America wines but this one has opened my eyes to their capabilities.

  • Mark1npt says:

    12/1/2017 10:22:00 AM - I have no idea why some of these places can't ship to VA....we have no such issues in FL. Sokolin I've found to be very expensive compared to other online sources. You need to check out the TCWC auctions they regularly have. I have picked up some Pape Clement from them recently. Their auctions have no premiums attached and I can usually get stuff I like for about 70-80 cents on the dollar. Have a great weekend!

  • MyWine2009 says:

    12/1/2017 10:16:00 AM - Thanks for the note on Pape Clement. I checked JJ Buckley, had never heard of them. However, they claim that they simply cannot ship to VA, so they're out. My preferred source is Sokolin out of NY, and I have ordered a mixed case of higher end BDX and a few BdM (Brunellos). I'll keep an eye out for Pape Clement 2011. Thanks and cheers to a nice weekend!

  • Mark1npt says:

    11/30/2017 10:47:00 AM - Thanks for those names Jake, I may try a few of them going forward.....appreciate the talk!

  • MyWine2009 says:

    11/30/2017 10:39:00 AM - I'll keep you posted on my tasting notes if I find some nice values. I hope I'm not throwing my money away but I've had some inexpensive BDX in the past that were enjoyable: Item Sku Qty Subtotal Chateau Quinault L'Enclos 2009 / 750 ml. 83130 1 $39.99 Chateau Tour des Termes Saint-Estephe 2009 / 750 ml. 67704 1 $39.99 Chateau Seguin | Pessac-Leognan Rouge 2009 / 750 ml. 67543 1 $29.99 Chateau Grand Ormeau 2009 / 750 ml. 77273 1 $39.99 Chateau Tronquoy-Lalande Saint-Estephe 2009 / 750 ml. 69176 1 $43.99 Marquis de Calon St.-Estephe 2009 / 750 ml. 81344 1 $37.99

  • Mark1npt says:

    11/30/2017 10:33:00 AM - Jake, I use Chicago Wine Co all the time. Good source. Haven't had any bad wine yet. As far as more affordable BDX blends, my limited experience is with Sociando-Mallet $40 and up depending on vintage, Chateau Bellevue/not the other variations of Bellevue, $50 and now made by the same winemaker/owner of Angelus ($400/bottle). The others you mentioned I have not tried. I have tried a few others in the $60 range and $30 range but they are all pretty unremarkable especially when you compare them against so many of the greats that run $85 and up. Cheers! PS....I depend heavily on Parker and his ratings, not necessarily for the numbers but for the taste profiles, which are like mine. He loves Sociando-Mallet. Has for 35 years. Neal Martin his handpicked successor for BDX has just bolted to join Galloni at Vinous but I never found him to be as accurate in grading or taste profile as Parker anyway. Don't know who Parker is going to use there next since he's vowed not to do France anymore!

  • MyWine2009 says:

    11/30/2017 10:09:00 AM - Thanks for the additional sources. Unfortunately, K&L doesn't ship to VA. I also found The Chicago Wine Company ( and they have a nice selection of BDX. Do you think it's worthwhile to try the right vintages like 2005 & 2009 from less expensive players like Chateau Grand Mayne, St. Emillion 2009 @ $45 for example. Since I'm new to Bordeaux and appreciate solid blends, this could be an amazing value? Or time waster? 93 pts WA. Link for you:®ion=6&color=1&size=15 PS: I like WineDeals a lot. Just placed an order for 6 bottles of 2009 BDX with prices ranging from $30 - $43. Hopefully I can find some nice little daily drinkers!!! Thanks!

  • Mark1npt says:

    11/30/2017 9:28:00 AM - Jake, I have not seen that documentary, but provenance certainly can be an issue. I have almost always had good luck with online and auction purchases, maybe less than a 2% failure rate. Reputable vendors will usually work something out with you if possible. I recently took my biggest plunge by purchasing at auction a 2 bottle lot of '66 Latour. I fully expect that one of them may be bad, I hope not. I'm willing to accept that. If both are bad, the vendor and I will need to have a sit down. On a related note, during our trip and a 5 wine '96 tasting, the negocient opened the final wine, a '96 Latour, only to find it had gone bad ($1000/bottle) and he had to go and get another to open for our group. So even with the best of provenance and conditions in the nogocient's refrigerated warehouse and right from the Chateau cellars, they can still go bad. It's a risk we take with all wines but seems to be more likely with the French.

  • MyWine2009 says:

    11/30/2017 8:13:00 AM - Mark - thanks, these are very helpful notes. I, too, have never enjoyed a wine more on the 2nd or 3rd day. Proper decant, taking time drinking the glass and enjoying it all the way, seeing it improve over time the first night. On a different note, have you ever seen the documentary "sour grapes?" That's always in the back of my head when I'm buying these wines online and I don't know where they've spent their lives and if they were mistreated along the way! I'll keep you posted on my 2005 HB - will probably enjoy later this month. Cheers~ PS: checked my source for 2010 HB and it's $195, a bit beyond what I'm willing to spend now. Trying to cap out at $125-$130.

  • Mark1npt says:

    11/30/2017 8:04:00 AM - ps Jake.....if you come across any of the '10 HB, I heartily recommend it as well. Excellent drinking now, more power than the '05 (yet no sharp edges or overbearing astringency) and will only get better over the next 5-25 years as it 'settles in'. In fact after having it for dinner at the Chateau friends bought a bottle at a local wine shop there and brought it out to dinner with us at a restaurant again before leaving Bordeaux. It can be expensive, $160 in France and here but I was lucky enough to get some at auction recently for less than $130/bottle. That's a pretty good deal. The '05 ($115) IMO, has just hit its full stride where everything has come together and is in a very good drinking spot right now. Absolutely seamless. I tend to like some mid age to older French wines, but it's always a roll of the dice when you open a 20-30 yo bottle. Many of them do seem to go bad. I historically don't like the flavor profile of really, really old French only because they lose so much power and flavor, yet at the same time you can really appreciate the art and the balance of so many factors, making the wine still great, even if the taste profile is somewhat diluted. These HB wines can probably go a very long time (a few decades) before going downhill. The '16 in barrel right now may very well be a 100 pointer and last a 100 years too, according to the winemaker. I didn't include any tasting notes from that because I forgot some details but it is a super wine. I'm already 60 and am not buying any '16 futures. If I get into my 80's and it's as good as I and others project, I'll just buy a bottle or two then to enjoy! In the meantime, I'm focusing on those 1990-2010 wines to accumulate and enjoy until I reach 80!

  • Mark1npt says:

    11/30/2017 7:31:00 AM - Hey Jake, you are most welcome. I picked up a case of that at auction recently. It is superb! Of all the Chateaux we visited far and away Haut Bailly was our fav along with Angelus, but you can buy many bottles of Haut Bailly for one Angelus! Enjoy, and let me know what you think. It only needs a short bit of air before you cook your ribeye and will drink well through an entire evening. I generally do not save any wine for a second day. I do not like the profile of wine that gets too much air (open for a 2nd or 3rd day). Just a personal preference.

  • MyWine2009 says:

    11/30/2017 6:27:00 AM - Hi Mark - I wanted to thank you for your tasting note on the 2005 Château Haut-Bailly. I purchased two bottles based on that. I'm just dipping my toe into Bordeaux and trying to figure out where to buy and which vintages and producers. Thanks, Jake

  • MyWine2009 says:

    11/26/2017 7:42:00 AM - Hi Mark - thanks for the add. I'm just starting to dip my toe into Bordeaux and see that you have a nice collection. We have very similar stories - we are big Cali wine fans but mostly on the lighter PN and Chard side. Just starting to really enjoy the bolder wines. We found Phelps and Hobbs on our Napa trip just this year! Looking forward to sharing tips on great wines with you in the future. Cheers~ Jake

  • WojoWineCave says:

    10/14/2017 9:54:00 AM - Thanks Mark Sounds like a no brainer trip. I’ll reach out to them to learn more. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

  • WojoWineCave says:

    10/13/2017 7:16:00 PM - Mark, thanks for the insights. I’ll need to get reserved for one of those trips with my wife. It looks and sounds awesome. Thanks again. Let’s stay connected. Carpe diem. Cheers

  • WojoWineCave says:

    10/12/2017 7:20:00 PM - Thanks for connecting. How was Bordeaux trip? Oddly, we been to France a bunch and lived in UK for 5 years but have not done the wine regions there.

  • flwinos says:

    8/8/2017 4:59:00 PM - Hey Mark. Good to hear from you. Yes, it does look like we like some of the same juice for sure. We definitely are big Napa junkies as well. Definitely send over any new wine finds, and we will do the same. Parents had a house in Marco Island for several years before they moved North to Tampa. Great area down there. Cheers!

  • Winowhyno says:

    8/4/2017 5:28:00 AM - 8/4/2017 5:26:00 AM - Mark1npt...thanks for the info. I am a Bonita Springs Snowbird. Will be adding some of your recommendations to our list. We are starting with Rocca Family, Chimney Rock, Cliff Lede, Quivet, Myriad and Seavey. Brown Estate and Lajota sound interesting. Heading over to the Glen Ellen Star in Sonoma. Can't wait.......

  • Mark1npt says:

    7/16/2017 8:15:00 PM - Hey Howelltime....I get out there frequently from S FL but not usually at Father's day.....yet. I am a Cimarossa, LaJota and O'Shaugnessy wine club member, if that gives you any clue. Used to be Ladera too. Great mountain fruit, makes great wines. Mt. Veeder is a close second. Dunn is good too! I mean, really...with that kind of fruit you and I could probably make great stuff!

  • HowellTime says:

    7/16/2017 8:00:00 PM - Hello Mark, I could not agree more about Howell mountain wines. If you ever make it out to Napa during Father's Day weekend they always have the Taste of Howell mountain( Above the Fog) event. This is one of the best tasting experiences you can have of the region with all the wine makers like Randy Dunn and 45 other vintners.

  • Badmonkey says:

    5/28/2017 2:39:00 PM - Nice review of the 2013 Conn Valley Reserve. I look forward to future reviews.

  • floridawinedrkr says:

    10/29/2015 4:58:00 PM - We live in the Naples area also. Have you checked out Fairways Wine vault yet in Naples? The best wine selection of fine wines anywhere.