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  • Woodbridge Brad says:

    5/31/2021 7:52:00 AM - Hi, thanks for fanning me. Not sure why anyone does, but I assume/see you love wine as I do. Cheers

  • Neecies says:

    11/25/2019 3:50:00 PM - Thanks for fanning me. Looks like our tastes align pretty darned well--I'm going to fan you right back!

  • bestdamncab says:

    1/15/2018 7:53:00 AM - If you wish to try older Bordeaux-your dream wines, I suggest you consider buying at auction from Brentwood.com or Winebid.com where I do most of my shopping.

  • bestdamncab says:

    1/14/2018 6:49:00 PM - Thank you for becoming a Fan of my Tasting Notes. I once lived in Green Village by Morristown for 18 months while working for Prudential. Great area! I like your notes on Robert Mueller, Walker Station, and Cline Zinfandel.

  • zut alors! says:

    5/9/2017 9:59:00 AM - Ditto to H. Eugene's comment. Do you like Left Bank resto? Just made a reservation. Can you compare it to L'Artusi (also West Village)? We love the latter, but $40 corkage is high.

  • H. Eugene says:

    4/19/2015 6:26:00 PM - Great cellar and great notes