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  • 2011 Copain Pinot Noir Wentzel Vineyard

    Perhaps slightly better than the last magnum. This was terrific, great aromatics, all pure forest floor and mushroom anchored red fruit on the nose, fragrant and enchanting. On the palate this performed much like a good village level Burgundy though with a different profile that was both warmer in a certain respect, and yet decidedly red fruited. Perhaps the red fruits had a candied edge to them, but the juicy acidity and gentle tannins were quite harmonious. It is not a heavy wine, but felt a bit fuller than the last bottle. Firmly at early peak in this format. A bit simple but lively and pure and refreshing to drink on July 4th! From that Winebid stash.

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  • 1987 Storybook Mountain Vineyards Zinfandel Estate Reserve

    So well balanced, stunning stuff, long, deep, rich but not fleshy in any way. Subtle on the nose, gaining pink spiciness, red berries, tobacco, a hint of bramble, a suggestion of blackberry. Slight chew from the tannins, perfectly balanced and integrate acidity, a long, sinewy, layered wine., This has amazing freshness for a 32 year old Zinfandel. It's elegant in a strict, old world kind of way. Like some sort of authoritarian dressed in lace. The finish just goes on and on, gaining nuance with each passing moment. The nose gains some old cedar chest, caramelized cigar box, the palate turns redder while the finish gains plummy and candied black cherry notes. One of the greatest Zins ever? Two hours later the nose is deeper and more complex, taking on some of the character of great old Bordeaux, with more prominent cedar and earthy notes layered over fruit that has taken on a more complex, wild berry - currant character with a simply stunning cigar wrapper tobacco note that is both complex and fresh. It remains fresh and energetic in the mouth, not tiring at all, in fact slowly becoming brighter with air succulent, retaining phenomenal length with great detail on the finish.

    The dregs of the bottle, simply left out on the counter of night, without even a cork to protect it, shows terrific mineral notes, iron rich steely, flinty, and yet still fresh without any significant oxidation. Wow, it’s still terrific, bright, juicy, full of red berry fruit, soil tones, slightly jammy red currant fruit, fine grained, firm tannins, a little shorter than yesterday but still so delicious. Rich, youthful, detailed, and retaining a blend go elegance and strictness.

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  • 2013 Lecci e Brocchi Chianti Classico Riserva Il Chiorba

    The 2012 Riserva is on a whole nother level. Tannins are riper, finer, more compact lending the wine a richer yet more supple mouthfeel. The nose is deeper, more floral and yet richer with fruit and soil tones and an underlying balsamic quality. On the finish the wine really impresses with a persistence, intensity and perfumed nature that is immensely appealing, and yet even moreso, captivating. This is evolving well, also quite youthful but the raw material here was always been impressive and i expect this to improve over the next 4-6 years, and look forward to following it's progression.

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