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  • 2016 Outlander Cellars Outlander

    Drinking well right now- so, um, we emptied the bottle... We think we're out of '16s now, about a case of '17s and that's what's in the stores too. This is one of those Aldi specials that De-livers all night for us and our guests. $8 or so, takes this QPR out of this world.

    Wine Enthusiast has Aldi in the running for Wine Seller/Retailer of The Year and we are certain this Meritage is one of the reasons!

    Didn't tell you what it tasted like? Good, go get yourself some and tell the rest of us what you think.

    What we like first & best is that it has no bite. The tannins are smoothed out, integrated, so on the palate it's smooth and on the finish it continues to be inviting, balanced throughout, not harsh or cheaply woven together.



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  • 2006 Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

    Our 100th Tasting Note. Ensures 100+ naps for CT readers!!!

    A really nice surprise buried in our cellar. 2006, this bottle's been simmering in our racks for... who knows how long.?. Not us... At first sip, thought "past its prime" but after a bit in the decanter, hmmm.. Not bad. Coming together... Getting better and better...

    The bouquet offered a held-back fruit, black & blue berries, the vanilla from the oak punches through in a smooth, inviting way, nearly buttery. Its richness grows... We should have decanted for 2+ hours before drinking, it may have made the 90s. The way it is, it's a great high B effort and wish we had more. The tannins had smoothed, no harsh bite, everything integrated, but no sophistication, no complexity to speak of, and the finish is OK+. Leaves a nice flavor well after it's swallowed.

    It seems to have a backbone to hold up for more years in the racks. For those 184 bottles CT shows in user racks, know it still has life.

    Glad we had it.


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  • 1998 Juslyn Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Vineyard Select

    This is a Superb wine. Rich. Opulent. We’d be surprised, however, if it got any better with any more time in the racks.

    Upon opening, it poured a bit thin. Just The Woodwinds… Brick edges. That reddish color that screams an aged vin. Add the Horn and Double Bass. We poured just a dash in each glass and decanted the rest of the bottle. Nose was pure. Plum. A fruit tree invite. Add a Clarinet and a Snare Drum… We drank the bit. Hmmm… Perhaps past its prime… No Tuba or Violin… Placed the decanter back into the cellar, walked to our favorite restaurant, dined, walked back.

    Brought out the vin. Over those 2-3 hours, the Piano, Percussion and the First Chair Violin had introduced themselves and baby, THIS ORCHESTRA was-a-singing!!!

    It was immediately clear on the palate; on this night, this 21 year old beauty was going to be an extraordinary vin. If it was a competition, this juice was saying put me up against anything. I am here to dance my way above! Pure indeed. The blackberries and the plum delivered clarity on this immense bouquet. Just a soupçon of hickory smoke to keep it grounded. A lengthy finishing touch wrapped up the best Californian vin we have ever enjoyed.

    New world grace, vibrancy and refinement with old world complexity, palate nuance and balance. Nothing stood out overly delivered or contrived, it was all proportioned perfectly and effortlessly communicated to the drinker.

    Hedonistic charms. An elite wine. Another “this is why we work so hard” moment for us!

    Probably can’t find it these days, but if you do, get it.


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  • bestdamncab says:

    9/27/2019 8:50:00 AM - Have you ever been to the Franklin Cider Mill in Bloomfield? I worked there for Mr. Pickering the owner while in the 4th grade.

  • Bin707LoversDetroit says:

    5/11/2019 12:02:00 PM - Tasting tonight, our place... Dozen bottles, dozen friends, a som to educate us all. Pesto, grapes, Asiago, our sausage, baguette, even a fortified bottle for great luck... Then our spaghetti to top us all off. Good thing we have a few extra bedrooms! Life is Good. Better wine. Better places. Enjoy yours. Happy Mothers Day to all for whom that applies... Oh yeah, mimosas tomorrow at brunch... Viata e buna. Noroc tuturor!

  • Vinomazing says:

    12/26/2018 5:00:00 PM - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my CT friend! God bless!

  • Vinomazing says:

    10/26/2018 7:18:00 PM - Next time we are on simultaneously. Feel better soon! I was so tempted to get one, but must try the 2017 1st as have never had any of his wine. Also, nothing will come between my 2016 CDP vintage annihilation project which is very short term, they go so quick. GoodNight.

  • slulkin says:

    10/5/2018 6:01:00 AM - Hi Bin707, I have not tried the 2016 vintage of 8 Years in the Desert. If you've tried it and loved it, and the price point isn't an issue, I'd say go for it. For me personally, I'd have a hard time pulling the trigger on almost any $100+ bottle.

  • THaas says:

    9/11/2018 12:26:00 PM - In response to your question about 8 Years in the Desert: I was fortunate enough to be given a bottle of the 2016 from one of the gift boxes, so I only had the one bottle (label 5, for what it's worth). The 2017 production is going to be much, much higher (2600 8-packs of the 2016 were made, or just a hair over 1733 normal cases, while the projected production for 2017 is 50,000 cases). The blend will be somewhat different, and obviously the sourcing will be broader in 2017 than 2016, and that plus not being totally rare will tend to lower prices; whether $50 a bottle makes more sense than $125 is up to you (personally, I found the price point and sales structure of the 2017 to be a bit off-putting). I did get to try the 2017 in pre-release, and found it to be actually *more* drinkable than the 2016 (seemed like the alcohol was lower and better integrated). Would I pay $950 for 8 bottles of the 2016, versus $600 for 12 bottles of the 2017? Personally, probably not.

  • alabunka says:

    3/30/2018 7:49:00 PM - appreciate your comments regarding the Caymus; we've had the Artemis on at least two occasions and did enjoy it, as per our notes; for our tastes, the Caymus is a lusher wine (although more expensive as well); both wines are very suitable for a wide array of dishes...

  • Bin707LoversDetroit says:

    1/10/2018 4:43:00 PM - We have a quiet house this weekend... We have decided, it's time... To crack the 2001 Penfolds RWT... It has been in our cellar for thirteen years. We can't WAIT to see how that drinks! We'll pull it from the cellar tomorrow to stand it up, then open it Saturday, decant for prolly 2 hours (with a quick taste prior, of course), and pour on!!! We are so eager and intrigued... Pasta, cheeses, our sausage, and RWT. Saturday night!

  • csimm1161 says:

    11/28/2017 10:19:00 PM - Thanks for posting on my message board. I certainly don't mean to dissuade anyone from trying a wine they might otherwise enjoy... The Arkenstone was just a snoozer for me personally. Even at sub-$100 wines, I just think there are better out there with better craftsmanship that ultimately hold more interest. "The Piano" popped in my mind for whatever reason for the sheer boredom factor that wine presented for me (oh, the things that live in my head..ha!). Cheers!

  • Bin707LoversDetroit says:

    10/23/2017 9:32:00 AM - Thanks for the comment & interest, Cephomer! We can't wait to get into our Don Melchors from Chile, but... we will... another 3-4 years prolly, before we enjoy the first one... Anyway, a pretty significant birth anniversary is coming up in a few years, and the consensus is to try a birth-year French- LaTour, Petrus or LaFite, etc... A downtown Detroit restaurant has a '70 LaTour for $595 and the owner claims she got it at first release in '75 or something. A very clean bottle... This may turn our tastes toward the land of lovers, from the land down under... (But we DO love our Penfolds too!- We may end up with a '70 Grange instead...) We'll see! - - If this is our "Problem" in life, we're doing fine! Thanks again.

  • cephomer says:

    10/22/2017 9:39:00 AM - Hey, now that we're friends, I can suggest that you expand your horizons a bit beyond those mostly 'down under' wines you've been drinking. Nothing at all wrong with them, I know, but it's a big wine world out there. Actually, I was at a wine tasting last week in Edinburgh at which they served a D'arenberg Hermit Crab which I hadn't had before. Loved it! Keep at it!

  • Bin707LoversDetroit says:

    9/29/2017 8:30:00 PM - Thanks, BestDamnCab, when we choose to buy one bottle of probably pure joy, for the price at which we can buy nearly a case of absolute yumminess, we'll be glad to taste our first Penfolds Grange! You know we are looking forward to it! But as bad wines do ruin the night, great wines can ruin the wallet! Some day. Thanks again.

  • bestdamncab says:

    9/28/2017 10:27:00 PM - Since you like 2001 Penfolds, I suggest you try 2001 Grange. Enjoy.

  • bestdamncab says:

    9/6/2017 4:23:00 PM - Your 3 Tasting Notes are terrific expressions of your tastes, keep at it. Healdsburg will shortly host Pinot on the River, taste 100 of them, should be a great day.

  • Bin707LoversDetroit says:

    9/5/2017 5:51:00 PM - Thanks, BestDamnCab, we're new to this site and describing wine, but long time wine lovers... It's tough for us to separate our tasting "stories" from a bottle's tasting "notes" because the story around enjoying a bottle is so much a part of the taste for us! So please, if get a minute, let us know what you think of our three posted tasting notes (and maybe we're too generous with points), as you're so obviously more well versed in writing such things. Thanks!

  • bestdamncab says:

    9/5/2017 4:28:00 PM - I like the wines ou voted for.