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  • 2018 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

    Couldn't resist popping one when my offer came in. I still have 1/2 bottle of 16' VV Napa so I'm putting them head to head and it might not be a fair comparison given the vintages.

    I loved this wine right from the get go. Seems ready to go now right from a coravin tasting pour. Ruby purple. Bright red fruits on the nose and palate. Some blueberry. All fruit. Maybe some spice in there. I think I need to get more at its release price. This will most definitely get better IMO. Will it need 10-15 years? I don't think so. I think this is an early drinker and will be most enjoyable while waiting for the SVDs to peak.

    Comparing it to the VV, the Myriad is more bright red and blue fruits, smoother tannins at the moment while the VV was more dark purple fruits, more wood, slightly grippier tannins. Both are great in their own way but they are definitely different. Both are more fruit driven at this point and will be interesting to taste the SVDs with it when I eventually open.

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  • 2016 Vice Versa Cabernet Sauvignon

    PnP from coravin. Been watching how the wine changes over an evening.

    Dark purple. Medium to full body. Dark fruit, cherries, light toasted oak, and some heat which blew off easily as the wine sat in glass.

    Young wine, medium tannins. Going to hold the last bottle for a number of years but I can see where WA gets their 95 as a previous TN stated. It's not quite there yet but I think it will. Maybe wait 5-10 years to pop the next bottle and let it lose a tad of its fruit and pick up some second and tertiary flavors.

    For now, I'll share the rest of the bottle with some fellow friends that have never had a VV before. I have some 18's coming and just "invested" in some 19s. I plan on making a trip to napa to taste the 19' in barrel and if all is good, I'll add more bottles for the son's birthyear.

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  • 2018 Yesterday Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain

    Will not score either as this is just too young to drink now. But, for the price point, it's a decent value.

    Poured some in glass and the rest in decanter.

    Right from bottle, dark, brooding purple. Thick wine. Glass staining. On the nose, dark fruit bomb, heat, little oak. On the palate, tannins, dark fruit, more tannins, blackberry jam, more tannins! I can feel the 15+% alcohol. Seems actually a bit more than the label indicates.

    19 hours later, poured a taste. Tannins mellowed out a tad, but still mouth coating and tongue drying. Feels a little extracted and is still all fruit. I don't get much else.

    I will follow this over the next few days and update this as I go along. 11 bottles left. If this moves along like I think, the next bottle wont be opened until 2025 or later.

    Based on my research and using the hints this comes from Hershey Vineyard and made by Thomas Rivers Brown. Dana Estate juice.

    Update 48 hours later. Left on the kitchen counter, about 70 degrees constant. In decanter and swirled every so often throughout the 2 days. Nose is displaying blackberries, dark fruit, some vanilla, but is actually a tad muted now. I am getting a bit of lead pencil also. Still some burn on the nose from the high alcohol.
    Medium finish but it is masked a bit by the tannins which are very much evident still. Someone who is sensitive to tannins will be turned off by this wine. This is approachable now with a fatty steak. If you want to open one up, throw in a decanter and forget about it for a couple days.

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