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  • 2020 Terre da Vino Piemonte Barbera Surpass

    Appearance : med ruby,legs with petillance.

    On nose : very pleasant, strong and pungent intensity, red ripe fruit, red cherry, very significant and nicely integrated with tobacco leaves, lichorice, ansine, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla oak

    On palate : medium+ intensity flavour, med+ acidity, very ripe juicy cherry, strawberry cake, very subtle of cloves and herbs, sweet tannin, medium+ body, high alcohol but not throat burning, med to med+ finishing.

    This is a very typical extremely high CP value of a Italian made with late-harvest Barbara. It has a feel of Amaroni as it is dry naturally dry on the vine to traditional “Appassimento” technique. As a 2020, one can taste the freshness of the ripe red fruit and the vivid structure of the herb as the backbone. For me, I love it very much and extremely high CP value. Highly recommend to all Italian wine lovers, cheers!

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  • 2017 Bodegas Beronia Rioja Reserva

    Appearance : deep ruby, legs and petillance

    On nose : high intensity, dark fruit : ripe dark cheery, tobacco, lichorice, ansine, pleasant American oak

    On palate : med+ flavour intensity, med+ acidity, full body with high alcohol but not throat burning, very pleasent tobacco and lichorice flavour, one may found the subtle vanilla oak and full body with very good and substantial finishing.

    It is a very high CP value wine which is just less than £14. A very typical example of the Rioja. Highly recommended for Tempranillo lovers! Cheers!

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  • 2019 Biscardo Rubicone Enigma Appassimento

    Appearance : very deep ruby, with legs and petillance

    On nose : med+ intensity, ripe cherry, dark cherry, lichorice, sweet tobacco, marshmallows, vanilla oakiness, very pleasent and you can smell the sweetness of the wine.

    On palate : med+ intensity flavour, med acidity, some sweetness like syrup which is not expected for a 100% Sangiovese, very ripe red cherry, grapy, cherry liquor, lichorice and a hunch of cinnamon, med+ tannin, fine and one can find that is resolved by time, high but warm alcohol, no burning but smooth with medium+ finishing.

    It is unexpectedly sweet for a 100% Sangioves. One may found that it is a late harvest wine with low temperature fermentation. That’s the reason why the wine got an impressive sweetness. Best match for some strong flavour cheese dishes. Cheers!

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