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CellarTracker Partners with Jancis Robinson's Purple Pages
December 9, 2009 (press release)

CellarTracker Partners with Allen Meadows Burghound.com
October 28, 2009 (press release)

CellarTracker Hits Five Year Anniversary and Over One Million Consumer Tasting Notes
August 11, 2009 (press release)

CellarTracker Named Most Valuable Social Network Wine Site by VinTank, a Digital Think Tank for the Wine Industry
May 19, 2009 (press release)

Largest Wine Cellar Inventory Management Tool CellarTracker Hits Over
10 Million Bottles Tracked and Continues to Accelerate.

November 6, 2008 (press release)

CellarTracker! partners with Stephen Tanzer
October 20, 2005 (press release)

Fox Business November 27, 2013
Wine database helps you find perfect bottle, video interview of Eric LeVine

Wall Street Journal September 28, 2012
On Wine: Sharing Notes on Wine With 230,000 Friends, by Lettie Teague

Decanter Magazine June 1, 2011
Eric LeVine (really the CellarTracker community) make the Decanter Power List, by Guy Woodward

Financial Times February 12, 2010
World wine web, by Jancis Robinson

SFGate (San Francisco Chronicle) January 22, 2010
CellarTracker: a new model for wine reviews?, by Jon Bonné

DrVino.com January 4, 2010
Eric LeVine of CellarTracker – Wine Person of the Decade, by Tyler Colman

Seattle Business Monthly November, 2009
Nerd + Wine = Great Idea, by Myke Folger

SLATE 9/25/2009
We're All Wine Critics Now: How the Internet has democratized drinking, by Mike Steinberger

TECHFLASH: John Cook's Venture Blog 8/13/2009
Q&A: Eric LeVine of CellarTracker, by John Cook

Purple Pages 7/30/2009
Eric, tracker of cellars: video interview of Eric LeVine, by Jancis Robinson

The World of Fine Wine
Issue #20. 2008
Home and Away: Cellar Management Software, by Jamie Goode
Issue #19. 2008
Every One a Critic: The Future of Wine Writing, by Mike Steinberger

CNN.com Living / LIVING 11/13/2007
Wine 2.0: Internet changes wine appreciation, by Neil E. Schlecht

cbs5.com CONSUMER WATCH 8/31/2007
Free Websites for Wine Collectors: TV interviews with CellarTracker users

cbs3.com 3 ON YOUR SIDE 5/24/2007
Wine Trackers: More TV interviews with CellarTracker users

The New York TimesNOVELTIES | January 7, 2007
Where’s That Cabernet? Check the Virtual Cellar, by Anne Eisenberg

The New York TimesTECHNOLOGY / CIRCUITS | February 3, 2005
How Fine Is This Wine? Virtual Cellar Could Answer That Question With Ease, by Bob Tedeschi

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CellarTracker! was built in 2003 by Eric LeVine (send email), a wine geek and fanatic with more than twelve years of former software development experience at Microsoft. He lives in Seattle with his wife Suzi, son Sidney and daughter Talia. In 2010 he was voted Wine Person of the Decade on DrVino.com. In 2011 Seattle Magazine named him as one of Seattle's Nine Nerds of Note, and Decanter Magazine added him to their Biennial Power List. (To be very clear, the DrVino and Decanter honors are actually FAR more reflective of the influence of the CellarTracker community than the site's founder.)

Testimonials (see more...)
The program is truly amazing. I have not found an easier to use, more feature filled, dynamic, cellar management program. I highly recommend it. -Jason Goldberger

Fantastic site, I have used it for quite a while and I believe it will become the most widely used piece of cellar software in the world over the next couple of years. Well done again Eric!! -David Steven

Eric has created an amazing site with excellent features in a form that is easy to navigate and use. -Brad Andonian

I've got nothing but praise for this program -- the only downside is that it finally told me just how many bottles of wine I've got at this point! -Mark K. Lee

I am a very happy user of Cellar Tracker. It has actually made collecting wine so much more fun for me. loads of info, loads of ways to get to the info you want, and very good reporting. Service is incredible and fast. I have no idea what I would have done without it. I can not think of one reason why anyone would not want to be part of this. -Lorien Newman

CellarTracker is a great tool that is constantly being improved. I have been using it since November, 2003 and there have been so many good changes since then that I can't list them all. [...] It allows easy access to your inventory anywhere you may have web access (PC, Mac, cell phone). Bottom line, CellarTracker is great! -Pat Lee

I've tried Parker's Wine Program and my own excel spreadsheet. I now use CellarTracker which I highly recommend. Easy to use and lots of useful ways to view your cellar contents. Tasting notes feature is a real plus. -Randy Dotemoto

I'm addicted to cellar tracker. Very thorough, tasting notes from everyone and cool features like one button searches for professional reviews. Eric is the bomb. -Rob Hoffman

I'd also like to recommend Eric's website. I never liked the Robert Parker software, so I gave cellartracker a try, and I love it. -Spencer Thrall

I checked out CellarTracker and it is unbelievably user friendly and easy to use. I signed up immediately. For those of us with very little time to spend cataloging our collections, this is a great solution! I have been using a basic excel spread sheet for my inventory and this is quite an improvement for me. [...] Great job Eric! Much appreciated!
-Deanna van Gestel
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