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Bottles in inventory: 762 & 27 pending = 789

Bottles consumed: 1,581

Tasting notes written: 1,109 (by time, by region, by producer, by varietal)

Last accessed: 7/2/2015 3:02:00 PM

User profile: not public

Favorite tasters of tantotinto: air guitar & pinot noir, annerk, bambam, beatles, Ben Christiansen, BigJul, brucegolfer, cartime, Chainthroer, Charlie Carnes, Christoffer78, CT Santa, cubswinws, d'Artagnan, David J Cooper, Davidliss, Drinking Trees, drwine2001, Eric, Eric Guido, fanglangzhe, forsythes, GalvezGuy, gorm, gwpski, Hollowine, IlonaN, J-Sho, JAR, jdunnuck, Jeff Leve, Jeremy Holmes, JerM, Jozefs, jwalker1140, KPB, kstoddard, Leigh Johnson, lek55, manonthemoon, Matt1743, Paul S, Pavie Princess, Philippe_C, pjaines, Racer117, Redguy, Rosdail, samer, Schönibert, scott davis, shadow, smeltzerbr, steffenpelz, tacman, UTPK, Yiannis, Zweder

These tasters list tantotinto among THEIR favorites: 64 Squares, AMC Eagle, Bam_Man, bambam, BigTex22, buffyst, BWebb, caeleric/cae_cpa, cartime, CellerRR, cgrimes, Chainthroer, cookiefiend, cotter, DaButtah, dghorban, DSimmons, fingers, GalvezGuy, georgce, Hollowine, j north, JAR, jerwin1943, JonnyG, markcic, MarkL, Mivvy, MSheridan, nortonnose, Outplaying, Philly NQ King, pianist718, prism, que syrah syrah, Racer117, recotte, Smukke13, VinToronto, vjb, wadcorp, wahoo70, Wink, Yiannis, YoRi

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